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Bilbo, where have you been?

Read the latest on Sir Ian Holm at TheaterSounds

The history of Peter Jackson

“Does the passion of the filmmaker guarantee any kind of satisfaction for the audience? Well, only a track record can tell you that. Jackson’s track record speaks for itself. If something excites him, you’d better believe it’s going to rock your world.” This is an exerpt from a great article written by a fellow New Zealand filmmaker, entitled: Made in New Zealand: The Cinema of Peter Jackson
Read what Costa Botes has to say at
The New Zealand Edge

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Elrond Theme

Now available by popular demand, Elrond Site Theme and Forum theme.

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Good enough to make a game of it…

Here is an interesting article at Newsweek about the improved quality of video games in general, with some specifics on the upcoming Lord of the Rings PC game.

New Poll

28% (84) of you voted that Gandalf was portrayed nearly the same in the film as in the book.

Now voice your opinion about which new theme you’d like to see available at this site.

New Forum Moderators

As the site has grown and continues to grow our Forums have become a hopping place so we’ve asked some of our Members to become Forum Moderators.

You’ll notice their Moderator status under their username in the forum as well as in the description for each forum.

If you have any questions or problems in the forum you can direct them to the forum specific moderator who will try to help you or contact us on your behalf.

New Theme

New “Council” Site theme added also updated to match “Council” Forum theme.

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and before you ask, Elrond theme is next!

Get a Council of Elrond E-mail Address

You asked for it, now you’ve got it 🙂 If you are a member at this site, you can have your very own Council of Elrond e-mail address! If you’re logged in, you should see a link on the left hand menu that says “Check E-mail”. Follow the steps on the pages at that link to get your own free e-mail address, sponsored by

Please note: the e-mail address given to you will be for the domain name, not .com

Addition to Illustration Gallery

Lots of images from Ralph Bakshi’s animated “Lord of the Rings” movie are up now under Illustrations in the Gallery. Come and see what all the fuss is about.