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There is more to life than mowing the lawn…

Sean Austin will be at the Mad Anthony Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament on June 17th in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Howard Shore to conduct a concert of the LotR music

Howard Shore will conduct a concert in the UK of his LotR music – FotR and tTT – at 3pm on 9th Feb 2003. It will be played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, and tickets are on sale now. See more at the RFH official site.

MTV Movie Awards Pictures and Video

For those of you who missed it, here are Real Player video bits from the MTV Movie Awards show, at the Geman web site, Herr der Ringe. (With some of the media files, the quality is only ok, but, better than none at all.)

The Saturn Award winners have been announced!

Bestowed by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and sponsored by Cinescape magazine, the 28th Annual Saturn Awards were handed out at the St. Regis hotel, honoring the best and most shining achievements in genre entertainment for the year. The Fellowship of the Ring won three!:

Best Supporting Actor: Ian McKellan! Best Fantasy Film: Barrie M. Osborne, Peter Jackson, Tim Sanders, Fran Walsh, producers! Best Director: Peter Jackson!

Drift away on a tune, to the Shire…

“In a world premiere, film composer Howard Shore is set to unveil an orchestral suite based on his epic Oscar-winning soundtrack to “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” on two consecutive August nights at the Hollywood Bowl.” Read more about Shore’s biggest score ever, at The Sun

The bold Peter Jackson

The latest from Cinescape tells us that New Line Cinema honestly considered releasing the trilogy in the theaters in one year–all of them in one year! Can you imagine?! Just like Elrond over there, that one’s a nail biter!

New Hidebrandt illustrations

If you haven’t already, go check out the Hildebrandt Illustrations in the Gallery!

Sindarin Lessons up and running!

Just thought that I would remind everyone that Sindarin lessons start today! To access these lessons go into “Your Account” and click on the “Language Workbook” link. Lessons will be every few days and new activites will be posted daily. Enjoy!

The Council is Seeking Two New Admins

If you’ve been looking for a way to contribute to the site, or just want to get more involved, here’s one way you can do it! The Council is seeking two new admins: a Fan Creations admin, and a News and Store admin. Please read about the open positions here.

New Contest!

The CoE is holding a new contest in which you can create a logo/slogan which will be used on t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise. Read the contest rules here.