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Special Orc contest at the San Diego Comic Convention

Here is the latest from the Coming Attractions site:

July 31, 2002… New Line Cinema is throwing a very special contest for attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Convention (which starts today). The studio is giving a chance for one lucky fan to be turned into one of Saurman’s Orcs!

Supporting the CoE

I’ve had a lot of requests from people lately, asking how they can help support CoE. At the urging of some members, I’ve decided to create a Support the CoE page, in which you can find ways to show your support for the site, from voting for us at various sites, donating money, or shopping through our store. I really do appreciate all you lovely people and your offers of help–you truly are what makes this site so great, and what keeps me and the other admins working so hard on it!

WETA works wonders!

A bit technical in places, but I am sure you will enjoy this article from the New Zealand Herald about the powerful amount of work with computer software that is being put into The Two Towers.

Q+A with Gandalf

Over at, Ian McKellen’s official website, another set of questions and answers about his work has been posted. Included are disscussions of changes from the book, Saruman’s costume and what Gandalf’s staff is made from. See the post here.

It’s not a moot point…

…that if you live near Oxford in England, you are among the lucky! The Tolkien Society is booking reservations for its Oxonmoot, and it sounds like fun!

Peter Jackson makes it perfect

In case you didn’t have the time to pick up the magazine, here is more on that Two Towers article from the most recent edition of Empire Magazine, at Filmforce

Christopher Lee in the UK

LotR star Christopher Lee will be appearing at the launch of the DVD on August 6th at Forbidden Planet in London. He will be signing copies of the DVD or video, which the store are offering at a reasonable price. See more at their official site.
I’ll definately be going, so anyone who is interested in a meet up, feel free to email me.

Check this out!

Very cool! Especially if you like the Brothers Hildebrandt artistic interpetations of the Lord of the Rings–the Styles Check Company gives you another way to express your obsession!

Empire magazine is teasing us…

You have to go to the stands and buy the mag to get the whole story, of course, but they do offer up a few yummy morsels on-line–for a taste of The Two Towers and Return of the King news, go here. You can order the magazine on-line, too…

New calendar avaliable

A new 16 month calendar featuring stills from the FotR movie is avaliable at the Newline shop, covering the months September 2002 to December 2003.
So, who wants to buy me one? 😉