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November just got further away…

Here are some links that add nicely to our current poll. In the extended version of the DVD (due out November 12) there will be three collectors cards from Decipher. It will feature one card each of Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn.

COE Still Needs a Logo

The Council of Elrond is extending our contest for a member created Logo. Please visit the contest link in the welcome text on the main page to find the rules.

This is your chance to help your favourite LOTR site, show your talent and even get a little fame. Don’t let us down, COE needs you!

Don’t Forget to Pre-Order Your DVDs!

In case you haven’t done it yet, here are the links to pre-order either (or both!) of the DVD sets:

US/Canada (Region 1 Encoding)
2-Disk Set from Amazon
4-Disk Set from Amazon
4-Disk Set from Amazon–Collector’s Gift Set

UK (Region 2 Encoding)
2-Disk Set from Amazon
4-Disk Set from Amazon
4-Disk Set from Amazon–Collector’s Box Set

(Pre-ordering from these links helps support CoE by giving us a small portion of the proceeds.)

Ian McKellen talks a little LOTR

Ian McKellen has updated his web site with more questions and answers. Go here for the latest!

New Movie Quizz

By popular demand a new FOTR movie quiz to whet your LOTR appetite.

Check out the “Games” section on the left hand menu and see “Trivia Quizzes” the latest edition is titled “M’s FOTR Quizz #3”


Hmm, I wonder if Legolas will be doing any high-kicks…

Butler presents the world premier of “The Silmaril” ballet in Indianapolis, Indiana in April 2003. The classic love story of Beren and Luthien becomes a ballet! Read all about it.

New Poll

Looks like Arwen “won” our last poll about which movie character was least like their book character, with a whopping 444 votes. You can view the results to see how the other characters fared. Also, there’s a new poll up about the DVD editions of FotR. Please vote!

Screencaps from the Recent Trailer

I was a little slow getting to these, and I’m sure you’ve seen similar captures on other sites, but at any rate, a series of shot by shot screen captures are up in the gallery. Enjoy!

It’s gonna get worse before it gets better…

Here it is! An article on what to expect in the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Are you sitting down? Good! Lights Out Entertainment will enlighten you…and maybe even make you weep for joy!

Wanna play?

Can’t make up your mind about the Electronic Arts Lord of the Rings game? Well, this War of the Ring Download, Part 1 might help. And here is the War of the Ring Download, Part two–it might assist your decision…just don’t expect to hear anything except background noise from the E3 Expo, which is where it was filmed from a display. Still, the video is good quality.