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Monsters from Mordor

Incase you missed it Fangoria Magazine‘s October issue has an Interview with Peter Jackson on the making of The Two Towers.

The new November Issue sports more on the Creatures and Monsters as well as an interview with Brad Dourif, Grima Wormtongue and also one with Karl Urban, Eomer.

Hear the full version

Are you one of those who’s completely enamored with the music played in the second half of the most recent Two Towers trailer? To hear the Requiem for a Dream remix in its entirety, click here.

What will the Nazgul be riding?

The official site has just updated with a video introducing the new creatures of TTT: wargs, oliphaunts, and the fell beasts of the Nazgul.

Can you stand…

…one more sword site? You can? Good! Museum Replicas, LTD, a subsidery of Atlanta Cutlery has Glamdring, Narsil, the Morgul Blade of the Ringwraiths, the sword of the Witchking, and of course, Sting.

Advance look at Middle-earth adventure

The Toronto Star reports on the work that went into making the Two Towers exhibit more authentic.

Have you been to the Store lately?

In the past month, the CoE Store has undergone some serious changes, making it more accessible to those from Canada and the UK. More than one hundred items have been added, including the Two Towers soundtrack (available for pre-order in the Music section).

Adding more cards to the deck

Decipher has recently released four new Two Towers cards: Aragorn, Heir of Elendil, Faramir, Son of Denethor, Ranger of Ithilien, and Easterling Guard.

More Ian McKellen News

Ian McKellen just updated the LotR section of his website, where he answers questions from the fans.

Theatrical Poster on Official Site

The official site has updated with the final theatrical poster for The Two Towers. Check it out here.

Gandalf’s return?

Sci Fi Wire has posted a brief blurb about the possibility of Sir Ian McKellen reprising his role as Gandalf for The Hobbit, should it be filmed.