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New Year’s party in the RP chat room

PotbellyHairyfoot will bartend. All are welcome!

Come as your RP character or as yourself.

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TTT rocks the silver screen

Ain’t It Cool News listed the twenty-one films of 2002 best viewed on the big screen, and it’s no surprise that The Two Towers made the cut.

Don’t sign any length petitions just yet…

“It might be much longer,” says Elijah Wood, who plays Frodo Baggins, indicating that the last journey, “The Return of the King,” will be inching toward the 3-1/2-hour mark.

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Please pass the salt.

“McKellen heads to Hogwarts” says Yes, and remember the one about Sean Connery playing Gandalf?

Take this story with a grain of salt, as we’ve heard it all before.

Tolkien expert talks about changes in TTT

Mike Foster, a representative of the Tolkien Society and a college English professor, talks about the changes Peter Jackson made in The Two Towers. See The Beacon Journal for the full interview, which includes Foster’s opinions on Gollum, pointed ears, and the symbolism of the One Ring.

Pippin at the City Cinema

Edinburgh Evening News reports that LOTR star Billy Boyd will appear at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in mid-January. The festival coordinators hope that Boyd’s popularity, stemming from his role in LOTR, will help draw more fans to the festival.

New Poll

We’ve just put up a new poll on the site. The results of the last poll (What did you think of The Two Towers?) can be seen here. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with 88% of voters thinking it was awesome, only 11% thinking it was okay, and less than one percent hating it. Looks like PJ has managed to please most of us 🙂

A Happy New Mojo to us all!

At Box Office Mojo you can see just how much money The Two Towers has brought in! Hmmmm….how much of that is thanks to you, my dears? A lot, I bet!

Howard Shore in the UK

On February 9th, Lord of the Rings score composer Howard Shore will conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the UK première of his Fellowship of the Ring for Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Classic FM has five tickets to give away for this event. You can enter to win them here.

Urban and Otto on the Early Show…

Karl Urban and Miranda Otto appeared on CBS’s The Early Show on Friday morning to talk about their roles as royal siblings in the latest installment of the LOTR trilogy.