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How did they do that?

Director Peter Jackson and director of photography Andrew Lesnie go in depth about the cinematography of the Lord of the Rings in an interview with, discussing the realism of Rohan, Fangorn Forest, the Dead Marshes, and more!

Still haven’t seen TTT?

If you’ve yet to see the film or simply can’t get enough of it, MSN Entertainment has five movie clips you can download. Scenes include the “we’re not alone” sequence with Frodo and Sam, Eowyn and Aragorn, and Gandalf and Theoden.

Visiting Middle-Earth – a virtual tour….

If you don’t think you’ll ever get the chance to visit New Zealand, this is the next best thing. USA Today takes you on a virtual tour of the country, stopping at each of the major film locations.

The Art of the Armor

The LOTR Official Site has updated once again. The newest addition is a video which covers the making of the weapons and the armor for the newest movie. If you are spoiler-conscious, stay away, as this video also shows scenes from TTT.

The long-winded Elijah Wood

In a lengthy interview with Sci Fi, Elijah Wood talks about The Two Towers, the changes in his character, and the scenes from the film that have stuck in his mind.

The Hero Returns

“He asked me a series of very intense questions about Aragorn’s character. I stumbled my way through the answers,” Jackson says. “As the questioning continued, I started to realize he wasn’t going to do it. He was somber, very serious, rather dour. Then, without warning, Viggo suddenly said, ‘Well, I guess I’ll see you in a couple of days!’ ”

Read more about Viggo Mortensen here.

Talking with Gollum

If you’ve see “The Two Towers,” you know that Gollum steals the show. talks with the actor who created this incredible character, Andy Serkis, and the rest of the cast of the new film, to find out what it was like working with the bug-eyed little critter.

Two Towers global figures

The Lord Of The Rings sequel, The Two Towers, flattened competition across the globe in its opening weekend in 25 international territories.

Read more.

How to score big

Howard Shore in an interview with “You’re composing not in relation to the spectacle” – of which “The Two Towers” has plenty – “but in relation to the drama on the screen. Keeping that in mind allows you to write in a more intimate and human way,” from the Norwegian fiddles of the Viking-like culture of Rohan to the wooden instruments associated with the ancient Treebeard.

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