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New Poll Added

A new poll has been added on the right, and the results of our last poll (Which TTT location was best depicted in the film?) can be seen here. Helm’s Deep won easily, with 47% of the vote, and Edoras was second with 21% of the vote. Seems no one was much impressed with Osgiliath, which received less than 3% of the votes.

Who art thou, Gollum?

Many fans of the LOTR Trilogy are only familiar with Andy Serkis from his portrayal of Gollum, “a shriveled-up, power-mad freak of nature with bulging eyes and a bad comb-over hairdo.” However, Yahoo News has this article which explores a little bit of the actor’s background, and how his days as a Shakespearean actor helped him bring Gollum to life.

New LotR figures…

…and they’re not from Toy Biz! Play Along is set to release several sets of 3 inch figures based on The Lord of the Rings this summer.

Astin in the Council of the President?

On January 30th, President Bush announced his plan to appoint several individuals to serve in the Council on Service and Civic Participation. Among them is Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings.

Head on out to Barrie!

Go see Barrie’s Memorial Park this weekend (in Ontario, Canada). You might see some familiar (aka frozen) faces. At the winterfest this weekend, a group of Two Towers and Frodo ice sculptures will be displayed.

TTT up for 6 Empire Awards

You’d better believe it! The Two Towers has received nominations for the following categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Viggo Mortensen), Best Actress (Miranda Otto), Best British Actor (Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis), and Best Scene (Gollum’s Debate).

Serkis – movie world’s untapped resource

After winning the role of Gollum in Rings, Serkis not only made the 18-month move to New Zealand with the cast, but also obligated himself for longer than any other actor, as he would have to reproduce his on-location performances during the post-production process year after year after year.

Read more.

Keeping in touch

Ian McKellen has updated E-Post, a section of his website dedicated to answering fan mail. In this update, he answers questions and comments about The Two Towers and the seeming prejudice against sci-fi/fantasy film in the Academy.

RT chooses TTT as number one

The Two Towers is this year’s recipient of the RT Award for Best Film. “With 184 reviews (as of this writing) and 179 of them [positive], The Two Towers stands as the best-reviewed movie of 2002.”

Read more at Rotten Tomatoes.

Chance to win ROTK calendar

The official LOTR site has updated, offering you a chance to win an exclusive 2003 ROTK calendar.

Parmadur’s Note: New Line has updated with this before, but if you didn’t enter then, this may be your last chance to do so.