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Official Site Updates

Explore Isengard and read Q&A with Brad Dourif at LotR Official Movie Site.

A preciousssss opportunity

Join Andy Serkis, the voice and actor behind The Two Towers character ‘Gollum’, in a live online chat on January 31st at 6:00pm PST. Check out SciFi for more information.

Best cast? Darn right!

The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers received a nomination for best cast in the ninth annual Screen Actors Guild awards… Read more.

LotR exhibition in Hamilton

The Land of Shadows, a new, free exhibition based on the blockbuster [Lord of the Rings] trilogy will open at the Cadzow Gallery in Chatelherault Country Park…Visitors to the fantasy land exhibition will get the chance to wear fancy dress costumes, transforming them into wizards, Hobbits and other Tolkien characters.

Read more.

Oh lard…

For the Culinary World Cup, held in Luxembourg, Chef Gary Schofield entered a rather interesting sculpture: Saruman the White made of lard!

Vote and win!

The Two Towers has appeared on the list of nominees for the Orange Film of the Year award, but it needs your vote! Not only does your vote help your favorite film win, but you also have the chance to win tickets to the BAFTA awards on the 23rd of February. Vote now!

Note: Voting and contest entry for UK residents only.

Oscar’s pirated DVDs

Perfect pirated DVD copies of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, cloned from Oscar screener discs supplied by the studios to members of the Motion Picture Association of America, are circulating in the United Kingdom… Read more.

New Line encourages Gollum-like behavior

Want to own your very own Precious? The New Line Shop is offering you a chance to win an 18k gold One Ring replica, an $800 value for free, but you must enter to win!

BAFTA Film Awards

The BAFTA Film Awards have announced their nominees for 2003 and The Two Towers has been nominated for several, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Official Site Updates

The official LOTR site has updated once again, adding a new gallery section featuring Gollum and a new contest featuring a trip to NZ. Check it out!