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Faramir to blame for TTT’s box office stats

The Two Towers leaves theatres with $45 million, $1 million less than The Fellowship of the Ring. Considering the grander scale of the second film, why is it that it still fell short of Fellowship?

SMH blames the changes in Faramir’s character.

Petitioning Teen People

Fans of The Lord of the Rings have decided that an issue of Teen People magazine dedicated entirely to the films is the right way to go! Nothing is definite yet, but if you’d like to contribute, you can sign the online petition here.

LotR: a curse or a blessing?

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Peter Jackson answers questions about The Lord of the Rings, how it’s affected his life, and his plans for the future.

ROTK trailer in May or June

Ain’t It Cool News got an e-mail from Peter Jackson with the official word on the ROTK trailer. It will not be attached to TTT. This is due to commitments to the TTT extended DVD. We are likely to see a trailer sometime in May or June.

A yen for more!

The Age is reporting that The Two Towers “generated more than ¥1.1 billion ($A15.6 million) in ticket sales in Japan in the first weekend of its release.”

War of the Ring Game details

GameSpot has an interesting article about a new PC game based on LOTR coming out in the next year that is similar in style to Warcraft III…

No ROTK Trailer after TTT

Coming Soon is reporting that New Line Cinema has no plans to attach a Return of the King trailer to the end of The Two Towers.


Congrats to Lauz, Orosarniel, Simbelmyne, Flower_of_Telperion and Golden_Days for being the first five members to correctly identify last week’s Mystery Pic. Check out the Games Section to find out what the picture was and to take a guess at this week’s new picture! Also in the Games section, check out addlotr’s new literature quiz!

Server Downtime

Sorry about the downtime, folks. The company that hosts our server had a whole block of servers go down, and our server was one of them. Hopefully this morning will constitute the only time we’ll be down, but I can’t promise anything…

Maryland Students Put Tolkien in the Ring

An article about students that talk about mythology and stories that may have inspired Tolkien. Also a little bit of allegory(including religious).