CoE has been busy as usual lately. The site recently hit 10,000 members, and we’re still adding dozens of new people every day. The welcoming crew has been working hard to keep up with their duties by saying hello to every new person who signs up.

In other news, the server drive started off great, and we raised over $800 in a relatively short time period. Unfortunately, the donations have trickled off, and we still have a long way to go. If you like the site, and want to help contribute towards its new server, please check out the Raffle page to see how.

Incidentally, the server has already been purchased, and installed in it’s new home. Once the necessary software has been installed, we’ll be moving over to the new server. This will require a day or so of downtime, but don’t panic We’ll leave the chat room up during that time so that people can check in on the status of the move, and still meet with their friends.

The staff, as always, is working hard to find new ways to improve or add to the site. We recently hired on two new admins: Toon, who oversees the site themes, and Lollypop, who is co-admin of the Fan Creations area. In addition, we’ve added an Artists of Middle-Earth section to the site, as well as a Quenya discussion forum. Keep an eye out for new additions to the site, which will include a Book Club, a totally revamped Humor section, and the long awaited Realms!


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