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Pre-Register for the Los Angeles RotK Party!

We are now taking pre-registrations for the Los Angeles Return of the King party. The event planner needs to have a more definite idea of how many people are coming before booking any venues — if you are very sure you will be coming, please pre-register here. I hope to see many of you there!

The bar (and the price) have been raised!

From the New Zealand Studies Association conference in London this past weekend: the success of the trilogy and the transformation of Wellington into “Wellywood” could make it harder to produce low budget films in New Zealand. Read the entire story at Stuff.

Mithril Awards Results Posted!

The Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction on the net have finally drawn to a close, and the finalists have been announced. There were “over 600 nominations”, winnowed down to a shortlist of works nominated for various categories.

Bello New Zealand!

A nice interview of the New Zealand Ambassador Peter Bennett in Italy at Caltanet.

Number One Film Freak?

Your top 10 movie oddballs!?

Beating out E.T., Dobby, Chewbacca, and even the Jedi Master Yoda, The Online Sun reports that Gollum won the title of world’s greatest film freak in a poll by internet voters!

TTT Sweeps Spaceys!

“LOTR: The Two Towers” won the Spaceys, the brand new TV-and-film science fiction awards, in four catagories! TTT won the “Best Science Fiction/Fantasy” movie, “Best Action Sequence” for the Helm’s Deep Battle, “Favourite Movie Hero” category (Aragorn won by a whopping 48%!), and “Favourite Creature Character” for Gollum’s performance. Head on over to this report to check it out the full list of winners.

Teaser Poster for Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings Official Site has finally updated, displaying the brand new ROTK teaser poster. The poster features Aragorn, and is the first in a set of teaser posters to come, each of which will feature a different character. In addition to the poster, there’s a desktop background of the teaser image for download.

Favorite thing?

What is your favorite thing? LOTR is up for voting in this poll but is losing! Head here to cast your vote! Let’s keep LOTR in the poll for another week!

Paths of the Dead

Can’t confirm this for accuracy (never been to New Zealand), but at Tolkien On-line there are pics of New Zealand locations where they say The Paths of the Dead sequences were filmed.

Not as old as the Old Took…

but she is the eldest LOTR extra! At Stuff, read about June Hancock, Rohan refugee and Return of the King courtier!