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Legolas ends filming for ROTK

A brief article about Legolas’ scenes in ROTK and Orlando Bloom’s view of his work in LOTR, at SciFi Wire.

Interview with Christopher Lee

The Guardian has an interview with Christopher Lee about ROTK, the European premiere of ROTK in Berlin, and the chances for the Oscars next year. Scroll about one third of the way down to read the parts about LOTR.

Gandalf’s Diary

Ian McKellen has updated his White Book–a good read! Read about more ROTK filming, minatures, Gollum, suiting up in the garb of Gandalf the White, all kinds of burning questions, and more!

San Diego holding Comic-con!

The official site has said that Middle-earth will be coming to San Diego from July 16-20 at the San Diego Convention Center. It will bring The Lord of the Rings to life with a spectacular display—including a special live LOTR program on July 19. It also says to can get your first look at Return of the King at the Comic-con!

Mystery Picture and other updates

The Mystery Picture has been replaced and you can take a guess here. Be sure to be as specific as possible. Answers like ‘A hobbit’s broach’ won’t be accepted if the picture is Pippin’s broach. You need to name the owner as well. Also, check out the Crosswords for eight, yes eight new crosswords! Be sure to see the four new sets of concentration images in the Games Section .

Raffle Prize Winners Announced

We just held the raffle drawing in the chat room! Please click read more to view the lucky winners.

Official Website Wins Award!

Following up on a report we ran a while back about the Key Art Awards hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, we’re pleased to announce that New Line’s official Lord of the Rings website has won the award for Internet Advertising!

Well done New Line! This award is well deserved!

View the list of winners here.

The Hobbit for PC available for pre-order

The Hobbit video game will be released in late September. You can pre-order it here –and by doing so, you are supporting CoE! Here are some fabulous screenshots!

Makes you think!

A very brief blurb regarding filming of ROTK at Ain’t It Cool News–defies description here, so go there and scroll about a third of the way down to read all about it…

Bravo for Page to Screen!

Bravo is featuring the behind the scenes making of The Lord of the Rings. In Canada it is scheduled for 1pm June 22. This episode of Page to Screen will include interviews with Peter Jackson, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, and Christopher Lee–they are “joined by screenwriters, makeup artists, special effects masters, set designers and Tolkien experts.”