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PJ in LotR Fan Club Magazine

In the latest edition of the LotR Fan Club magazine, Peter Jackson has spoken about finishing pick-ups, the possibility of a film version of “The Hobbit”, the RotK trailer and life after LotR! (Minor Spoilers)

Fellowship Dominates HE DVD Tech Awards

The Fellowship of the Ring did exceptionally well at the 2003 Home Entertainment DVD Technical Awards. Check out all the stuff it won at

Gandalf the Grey, and Gollum

A very limited edition (only 36 to be sold, very collectible) statue of Gandalf is available now, and a bust of Gollum is available for pre-order over at Sideshow Toy.

Elijah Wood Calls Final ‘Rings’ Flick ‘A Full-On War Movie’

Elijah Wood, with an interview with MTV, has called the Return of the King, (due to come out in December 2003), ‘A Full-On War Movie’

This interview is with Dominic Monaghan as well, and it has a few spoliers in it for people who haven’t read the book, so beware!

To read this interview, click here.

PJ and Cast appearing on Inside the Actors Studio!

The Director and Cast of the Lord of the Rings will be appearing on the highly popular ‘Inside the Actors Studio on the 29th September 2003.

For more info, click here. You’ll have to scroll all the way down to see it.

The Two Towers extended version DVD spoilers!

Prepare to be spoiled! The article is at Ain’t It Cool News,
and as always, I alert you to the PG-13 language at this site. But I think you will be more shocked by at least one of the fourteen spoilers, which are found about half-way down!

LOTR video game trailers

This site includes trailers for the video game(s) The Hobbit, The War of the Ring, The Treason of Isengard and The Fellowship of the Ring trailer, as well as wallpapers. Go to Lord of the Rings to choose which trailer you want to view.

Daniel Logan in The Return of the King?

Daniel Logan (Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones) was called back to New Zealand to do re-shoots for ROTK. Who he will be playing remains a mystery. Read about it at The Force. It’s the forth topic from the top of the page.

She’s got game!

This is what it is like to direct the fight scenes for an electronic game, or to be more specific, The Return of the King game for Electronic Arts. A great article to read at Stuff!

Universal Studios looking into LOTR attractions

Since Disney has already claimed Harry Potter, Universal Studios will possibly start on The Lord of the Rings as an attraction. Read more at Screamscape. Scroll about a forth into the page and stop when you see the little STOP sign next to where it says “Disney News”.