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Server Downtime

My apologies to everyone for the server downtime. The company with whom our server was located abruptly went out of business on Monday, with no warning. It took me a wee bit of time to find the server a new home and get everything set up, but we should be okay now. Again, my apologies, and I hope this doesn’t happen again anytime soon!

Please note: if the server has problems, do not send me an e-mail asking or telling it about it. I understand that you are concerned, but if even only a tiny fraction of the 13,000+ members of this site contact me, my e-mail box still gets stuffed full. And wouldn’t you rather I be working to fix the problem than replying to all those e-mails? 😉

More from Sam and Merry

More on the interview with Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan on re-shoots in New Zealand for The Return of the King, this time at Sci Fi.

Scottish singer’s sweet dream?

Coming Soon tells us that during an interview with Andrew Denton, Annie Lennox revealed that she will perform ROTK’s title song.

More on the San Diego Comic Book Convention

Interviews about ROTK! At Ain’t It Cool News, Sean Astin talks about Elijah Wood, the book versus the movie, and the emotions we will see on the screen; Dominic Monaghan talks about Gandalf and Pippin, and about Merry on the battlefield. *As always, scroll down, and beware of the PG-13 language!*

They want Gollum’s autograph, too!

Brief story at Stuff, about the comic book convention in San Diego and a 3 minute peek at The Return of the King that was seen there.

ROTK Trailer to be released in September?

It is now possible that New Line is thinking about releasing the theatrical trailer of The Return of the King with one of New Line’s new films, Secondhand Lions, on September 26. To read more about this consideration, visit Cinescape.

Return of the King EA Action Game preview

I have found a good description of the up and coming Return of the King Gamecube/PC/Playstation/X-Box, etc. game. To read all about what to expect, visit GameSpot!

#1 Movie!

Sponsored by video stores around Australia in a public voting competition, FOTR has been named the #1 best movie of all time by movie-goers . Video Ezy has the results, scroll down at that site!

A wedding in Middle Earth!

What a beautiful place for a wedding! What a beautiful place for wedding fashions! Stuff has the story!

The Steward of Gondor

Here is a peek at Denethor, who is also a Decipher game card.