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King Elessar available for pre-order!

There is no image available as of this posting (he is still not King) but Sideshow Toy has a statue of the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor–limited edition, only 2000 to be sold!

Bilbo and Frodo Birthday Party in Manhattan

Marymount Manhattan College is hosting a Hobbit oriented party! If you live around the New York area, you should check out all the great activities they are planning for September 20th!

Live in the USA? – Sideshow Weta items to be won

NBC5 has an online competition with statues and busts of LotR characters as prizes. Main prizes – statues of Gandalf, Gimli, and an Easterling. Runner up prizes – busts of Legolas, Saruman, and Grima. Many of the IBS nextwork channels appear to be running the same contest but I am not sure if you can enter on each web site or only once.

TTT Picks up a Hugo!

The Two Towers won the Hugo for the Best Dramatic Presentation of 2002 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto, Canada. (Click on the link of the left hand side of the page that says “A-Z index.” Then find the category “Film & Video” and click on “Hugo Awards.” You can then see TTT’s award by clicking on “2003 Hugo Award Winners” and scrolling half way down the page.)

Awesome happenings in Australia!

If we could just travel the globe, we could go to all the best LOTR conventions! Looks like a spectacular one is slated in Australia for mid-September–Gamling, Butterbur, Rosie, Haldir, Denethor II, and Ben Wootten, the Senior Designer from the Weta Workshop will all be there! It really will be The Best of Both Worlds!

Live in the UK? – more LotR goodies to be won

The following UK sites are all running various competitions with LotR goodies as prizes: BBC, Channel 4, Radio Nottingham, and Virgin Stores.

LOTR Science Museum Exhibition and Tour

A Lord of the Rings exhibition will shortly begin touring some of the world’s major cities. It began at the Science Museum, London, but after its major success at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, this amazing exhibition may be coming to a city near you–the specific cities mentioned are Boston, Sydney, and Singapore–let’s hope the list grows and grows!

Live in the UK? Here is another chance to win The One Ring

New Woman magazine has 2-9ct solid gold replicas of The One Ring worth £250 to win at their web site. You must be 18 or over to enter and live in the UK. To enter click on next on bottom right of the screen when you get there.

An inspiring friendship

There is a good article over at Christianity Today about the new book by Colin Duriez, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship, which explores the relationship between Tolkien and Lewis, and the books their friendship inspired.

Text message from Aragorn: “Arwen…Eowyn…I luv U”

Floridian has an interesting (and funny!) article on the recent LotR-themed ads featuring products such as batteries and cell phones.