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Join the Adventure!

Love Legolas? Adore Aragorn? Go googly for Gandalf, swoon for Sam or even faint for Frodo? Get your picture with the characters!

More Mysteries?

New Mystery Picture! Yes the module problems are solved! Meaning that there’s another Mystery Picture for you to try to guess…While you’re in the Games Section, be sure to check out the Concentration, Crossword and Quiz areas for updates!

Five ways to celebrate The Two Towers DVD!

But I am sure we can think of more. Just for fun, the New Zealand Herald offers some ideas.

Two Towers DVD Takes Potter Record

Pre-release sales of the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers have broken all records at The previous record holder at Amazon was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Go here to view the rest of the story.

Happy Birthday Billy Boyd!

Today, Aug. 28, is Billy Boyd’s Birthday! That makes him 35 today! Happy birthday, Billy, from all of your fans here at CoE!

Barrie Osborne talks to NZ Herald

Rings producer Barrie Osborne talks about the success of The Two Towers, and also about the TTT Extended Edition. Read the full report here.

Win the One Ring

Empire Magazine are running a competition to win the Gold Ring in gold and silver – only available to UK citizens. For more information, click here.

Probe over early Rings DVD sales

There will be an investigation by EIV, the UK distributors of the Lord of the Rings DVDs into why retailers sold the DVD on Friday 22nd August when it was supposed to go on sale on Tuesday (click here for a report on the early release). This article at BBC NEWS reports the probe into the breaking of the worldwide embargo.

Cast your vote For the Two Towers DVD

Head over to the Disney Channel to vote for the Two Towers DVD in their Kids Awards 2003

Join LiquidLoot! Earn points for LOTR merchandise!

Join the LiquidLoot community to earn points for LOTR merchandise. The bidding opens on September 1st! Joining today will earn you 200 points to start. Some of the merchandise includes a 3D puzzle, Lothlorien jewelry, LOTR tapestry, etc…