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Coming to the RotK Party?

If you’re planning on coming to the RotK party in Los Angeles, we need you to read this thread in the forum, as soon as possible. We’re finalizing plans at this very moment, but we need a little more info from everyone who is planning on attending.

Ringon brings LOTR guests to Tacoma, Washington

There is an exciting three day event scheduled in October for Lord of the Ring fans in Washington. Craig Parker (Haldir), Bruce Hopkins (Gamlin), and Rumil of Lothlorien will be featured guests at the Sheraton Tacoma Hotel October 24, 25, and 26. You must register to attend. For more information, go to Ring Con.

Return of the King Game Demo!

There is an on-line demo for The Return of the King PS (I believe). The demo is available at GamersHell.

Go on… check it out for yourself!

Rocky Mountain College LOTR Course

Rocky Mountain College will soon have an all new LOTR course available. In it, they will mainly be studying allusions to religion in the books. Read more about it at Canoe

Return of the King – TV ad for trailer *SPOILERS!*

At War of the Ring you can download a 5 second TV ad for the Return of the King Trailer. Orlando multimedia has some screen captures from the ad.

Return of the King Footage on E!

Thursday (Tonight!) at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, a Portion of the Trailer Shown on ‘Secondhand Lions’ is to be shown!
Check your local listings at TV Guide

UK residents – TT DVDs to win

Film2003 has 3 Two Towers DVDs to be won along with goodie bags. You have to answer two questions. Closing date is September 30th.

Two Towers Songbook

Warner Brothers has announced the publication of The Two Towers songbook arranged for piano/vocals/chords. The book includes 10 pages of photos, some songs with Elvish lyrics and songs, including Gollum’s Song.

Return of the King Trailer Debut

Here is an update to the ROTK trailer playing with Secondhand Lions–the trailer will also be at the official site on September 29th!

Another Humor Update!

As the election date nears, Gollum’s campaign is in full swing! Check out details of the little guy’s progress here.