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Brian Sibley and Jude Fisher at the London Science Museum

Brian Sibley and Jude Fisher, authors of official guides to the Lord of the Rings films, will share their experiences of the movie trilogy at the Science Museum in London.

Tolkien – 3rd highest earning dead celebrity!

In a slightly macabre article, Forbes released their 2003 list of top earning dead celebrities. Tolkien was placed at number 3, behind Elvis (No. 1) and Charles Schultz (No. 2). He was placed ahead of people like John Lennon (No. 4) and Marilyn Monroe (No. 10).

A complete reckoning of Shire pennies

How much money does it take to develop and implement a movie premiere promotion? To the point that the promotion becomes positively jaw-dropping, that is? Think you know the answer? Here is the breakdown of how much will be spent, and on what, Stuff.

Council of Elrond Day is tomorrow!

Happy Council of Elrond Day, mellyn!

Tomorrow is the day the Council occured, when all three races that made up the Free Peoples of Middle Earth came together to decide the fate of the One Ring in Imladris, headed by Lord Elrond. Make sure to wish all of your friends and family a happy Council Day tomorrow, and be sure to celebrate this great and important day!

Gearing up for the World Premiere – Wellington gets ready

World premieres of box office smashes don’t occur very often in New Zealand, and the Wellington City Council (WCC) and the City are putting in a huge effort to have the place ship-shape for our day in the spotlight.

Spoilers **Exclusive Pelennor Fields Footage** Spoilers

MSN has some exclusive footage from the Battle of the Pelennor Fields to download. In a clip just over two minutes long, there are some scenes which we have already seen from the trailer, but also included are parts of an interview with Karl Urban, Peter Jackson, and Dominic Monaghan, and some new footage from RotK.

Gandalf with a camera

Ian McKellen has updated his site once again, this time with absolutely fabulous pictures of people and places and things around the LOTR set. There are three pages of pictures at his NZ Scrapbook, with more on the way!

More to read on Shore and the score

Here is another bit of interesting news on the score for RotK, this time over at the Guardian Unlimited.

Amazon profits from LOTR

The word at Guardian Unlimited is that 50,000 people in the UK who pre-ordered the second Lord of the Rings DVD made the folks at Amazon happy, and busy. Click on the link above for the whole story.

New LOTR jewelry and more from Noble Collection!

I just got their new catalog today, new items are also featured at their web site. Most do not ship until the beginning of December, but that means you can get them in time to get dressed up for Trilogy Tuesday! New items include: Galadriel’s headdress (!), Eowyn’s headdress (!), an 18K gold One Ring, more Arwen inspired jewelry, more rings, brooches, earrings, a Hadhafang letter opener, and an Orthanc votive holder!