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Return of the King has been seen

There are two amazing reviews of RotK over at Ain’t It Cool News, here, and here
–many spoilers, so be careful. Also, this is AICN, so also be aware that there is PG-13 language over there…

Interview with Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis talks about playing the roles of Gollum and Smeagol in RotK, how his children reacted to the movies and much more at The New Zealand Herald.

Contains spoilers

PJ nervous about RotK premiere

Peter Jackson is suffering opening night nerves ahead of the world premiere of RotK tomorrow. Read more at NineMSN.

Wellington set for Rings premiere

CBBC Newsround has an article about Wellington preparing for the world premiere of RotK tomorrow, including an interview with Miett Fear, one of the premiere’s organisers.

Empire release LOTR Collector’s Edition!

UK magazine readers of Empire wil get the chance to read new and exclusive interviews of all the cast members this month.

UK Sunday Times – Lord of the Rings feature

Today’s edition of the UK newspaper, The Sunday Times, has a feature on LotR in their colour magazine. There’s an in-depth interview with Viggo Mortensen along with exclusive pictures from RotK. Also included is a double-sided poster of Aragorn and Gollum and a competition to win tickets to the European premiere in Berlin.

There are no details on The Sunday Times website so to read the interview and see the pics you will have to buy a copy of the paper.

Interview with Sean Astin

Sean Astin talks about his experiences of filming LotR, how he has changed as an actor, his wife’s reaction on seeing RotK and more at The New Zealand Herald.

The Oscar Race. Ladies and Gents, place your bets.

‘Return Of The King’ not receiving an Oscar for Best Picture? Will Peter Jackson receive Best Director? Read all about it at Newsweek.

Tolkien in the movie

Royd Tolkien, the great-grandson of JRR Tolkien is in the ROTK as a Gondorian ranger. Read about it at Stuff.

RotK – the international media have a preview viewing in NZ

Go to Stuff to read what members of the international media, who have had a preview viewing of RotK, have to say. According to one it’s a sure contender for best picture at the Oscars!

Also for all those people who have been wondering if Orlando has arrived in Wellington for the premiere; according to the article he’s there!

Contains minor spoilers