October, November, and December

October 2, 1980: Unfinished Tales was first published

October 3: Gandalf was attacked by the Ringwraiths on Weathertop

October 6: Frodo and his friends were attacked by the Ringwraiths, and Frodo was stabbed by a Morgul blade

October 12: Elf Day

October 20: Viggo Mortensen’s birthday. Viggo played Aragorn in the movies

October 20: Frodo escaped the Ringwraiths by crossing the Ford of Bruinen

October 24: Frodo awoke in Rivendell

October 25: Council of Elrond Day

October 31: Peter Jackson’s birthday. Peter directed the movie trilogy

November 1: Frodo and his friends were arrested by the Shirrifs in the Shire

November 3: The Battle of Bywater. The Shire was reclaimed from the ruffians, and Saruman was killed. At this time, the War of the Ring was officially over

November 11, 1954: The Two Towers was first published

November 18, 2003: The Two Towers Extended Edition DVD was released

December 8: Dominic Monaghan’s birthday. Dominic played Merry in the movies

December 16: Miranda Otto’s birthday. Miranda played Éowyn in the movies

December 17: Bernard Hill’s birthday. Bernard played Théoden in the movies

December 17, 2003: The Return of the King is released in theaters

December 25: The Fellowship left Rivendell at dusk, beginning their quest

December 26, 2003: Trilogy Day

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