Well hello fellow CoEers. Spring has finally arrived where I am from, and I’m sitting here with my orange cream italian soda, writing you all. This newsletter has been a very good group building exercise (twice!). It was wonderful to see my Realm members actively participate in pulling together such great articles! A big thank you to all who were involved!

I want to encourage the rest of the CoE membership to get actively involved. There are many many ways to become involved on the site such as ecards, encyclopedia articles, good discussion in the forums, lively chat sessions and more. Our Announcements forum contains detailed information.

As the summer holidays rapidly approach, and The Return of the King being prepped for DVD release, just know that CoE could not run the same without all of you and we appreciate all that you do as a membership. So travel safe as you go on your hols–and if you’re not going any where, good! More company!

Also, I’d like to recognize the other staff members here as well. They volunteer many hours of their personal time to make sure we all have a wonderful visit while at CoE. Thank you Staff members.

Hats off to you all CoE!

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