Now that the movies are over with, what are the cast members doing now?

First, Elijah Wood, aka Frodo. He has appeared in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this year. In 2005, he will be in The Yank and Sin City, both of which are in filming. He will also appear in Everything is Illuminated, which is in preproduction. In 2006, he will voice a character in Happy Feet.

Next, Sean Astin, or Sam, can be seen in 50 First Dates. He has three movies in postproduction: Smile, Slipstream, and Elvis has Left the Building. He also is appearing in a TV production, Party Wagon.

Billy Boyd, or Pippin, will be voicing a character in Seed of Chucky, which is in filming.

Dominic Monaghan, or Merry, was in a 2003 show called Spivs. He has two 2004 movies in postproduction: Shooting Livien and The Purifiers.

Ian McKellen, aka Gandalf the Grey (or White, your choice), is in Asylum, premiering in 2004.

Viggo Mortensen, or Aragorn, was in the 2004 movie Hidalgo. He will also appear in Alatriste in 2005.

John Rhys-Davies, or Gimli and the voice of Treebeard, was in La Femme Musketeer, a 2003 TV mini series, and in Dragon Storm, a 2004 TV show. He will appear in five 2004 movies: The Princess Diaries 2, The Lost Angel, The Game of Their Lives, Catching Kringle, and Living in Neon Dreams.

Orlando Bloom, or Legolas, is appearing in Troy, The Calcium Kid, and Haven in 2004. He is also in Kingdom of Heaven and Elizabethtown in 2005, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in 2006.

Sean Bean, or Boromir, is also in Troy. He has four other 2004 movies coming out: National Treasure, Venetian Heat, Pride, and Barry.

Cate Blanchett, or Galadriel, will be in The Aviator and The Life Aquatic in 2004. In 2005, she will appear in The Little Fish.

Ian Holm, aka Bilbo, will also be in The Aviator. He will also appear in The Day After Tomorrow and Garden State in 2004.

Christopher Lee, or Saruman, will be in Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse in 2004, May Day (2004), Star Wars: Episode III (2005), and The Last Unicorn (2005).

Marton Csokas, or Celeborn, will be in Asylum, The Great Raid, and Kingdom of Heaven.

Craig Parker, or Haldir, voiced a character in Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003), a TV show.

Andy Serkis, or Gollum/Sméagol, is in Standing Room Only (2004), 13 Going On 30 (2004), Samantha’s Child (2004), and The Merchant of Venice (2005).

Liv Tyler, or Arwen, is in Jersey Girl and Lonesome Jim, both 2004 films.

Hugo Weaving, aka Elrond, is in a 2004 film by the name of Peaches.

Brad Dourif, or Grima Wormtongue, is in Deadwood, a TV show, The Devil’s Due at Midnight, The Hazing, Seed of Chucky, and Brew, all for 2004.

Bernard Hill, or Théoden, is in Wimbledon (2004).

Bruce Hopkins, aka Gamling, also voiced a Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) character.

Miranda Otto, or Éowyn, is in The Flight of the Phoenix and In My Father’s Den, both in 2004.

David Wenham, or Faramir, is in Van Helsing (2004), Stiff (2004), a TV show, The Brush-Off (2004), another TV show, and Three Dollars (2004).

by Laitoste_of_Rivendell

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