-Favourite character in LOTR?
Théoden (or Fëanor if we include the Silmarillion)

-Do you have any hobbies?
Drawing, reading, writing, RP, walking my dog, photography

-How old are you?

-When did you first join COE?
About 2 years ago

-Why did you join?
Initially I think it was because it was a place I could put up my Tolkien pics – and it didn’t look very intimidating compared to other Tolkien fan sites.

-Favourite bird?
Favourite bird?? Um … gyrfalcon probably

-If you could have any position at COE, which would it be?
My one 🙂

-What do you like about LOTR?
What don’t I like LOL! I love everything about it – the landscapes, the peoples – especially the elves. I love the language, the poems – especially the Rohirric ones. I love its scale – this huge world populated totally through Tolkien’s imagination.

-Have you read all the books of LOTR, including the Silmarillion?

-Favourite place in ME?
Edoras or the Grey Havens

-How much time do you spend on COE each week?
Far too much!

-What’s your favourite part of COE?
Middle-earth and the Books Forum from “my” bits. And of course my wonderful Realm of Nienna. And the Gallery – especially the Fan Art, Invited Artists and the film screencaps.

-How many entries to the encyclopedia do you receive each week?
It depends … anything from 5 to 30.

-What’s your favourite book?
The Silmarillion. Or outside Tolkien, maybe the Abhorsen series from Garth Nix – I love them!!

-What’s your favourite art medium?
To work with – pencil or ink. To look at – watercolours or ecoline.

-What inspired you to search for the facts about all the places/animals/races of ME?
I guess I just like knowing as much as possible about things. And once you start looking at a topic, you soon find you’re branching off all over the place into new and different areas of interest.

-What motivates you to keep up the encyclopedia work?
A few things – to get the already submitted entries are good as possible, and to get the encyclopedia as complete as possible. And just maybe to make sure our encyclopedia continues to be better than Encyclopedia of Arda…

Compiled by the Realm of Manwë

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