My favorite character in the books and the movies was Boromir. At first I liked him because I kind of pitied him; first to die, and to die after being corrupted, not a great way to go. But then, in those TTT extended scenes we saw a new part of him. A part that was completely different from him in the first movie, and so poetic and beautiful. You saw that he really was a great man, a great warrior, and a great brother. He believed in his brother when no one else did. He saved his country from the big bad orcs. He did all of this, and then he went to Rivendell. His orders were to get the Ring to Gondor. He just wanted to please his father. And he believed that Gondor really did deserve it. When evil was taking over, you could see him fight it. Fight the part of him that wanted so much just to be able to make his father happy, and to be able to save his country. That’s not evil, that’s courage.

by Elbereth339

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