Eärendil’s journey and the battle of anger

Eärendil was a ruler of the people who lived near Sirion’s river mouth. He was married to Elwing and had two sons, Elrond and Elros. He had two wishes; he wanted to find Tuor and Idril, who hadn’t returned from the sea, and to bring an epistle in the name of elves and men to the Valar in the West, to beg for mercy because of misfortune on Middle Earth.

Eärendil was a friend of Círdan and with his help Eärendil made a boat called Vingilot. He went out on the sea to seek Tuor, but didn’t find him. He missed Elwing too much so he decided to return home.

At the same time, Maedhros heard that Elwing was still alive and that she had one Silmaril. He went to her and her people, but they didn’t give him the Silmaril. That brought the last cruel battle between elves. Elros and Elrond were taken in to slavery; Elwing and Silmaril were drowned in the sea.

But Elwing was saved; Ulmo brought her back on the earth in the body of mighty white bird, with the Silmaril on her chest. Some day, Eärendil saw her on the sky and she rushed to him, but it seemed that she died. Eärendil hugged her very much and the next morning, he saw Elwing sleeping on him. They were sad because of the tragedy at Sirion, and were afraid that Maglor would kill their sons, but that didn’t happen, Maglor instead took care of them, he was tired of vow’s burden.

Eärendil didn’t have peace in the lands of Middle Earth, so he tried once again to come to Valinor. He had the Silmaril on his forehead. That helped him. Elwing and three sailors had to go through the seas, which other boats hadn’t known, and finally, they came to Immortal lands. Eärendil and Elwing went to the shore, but only Eärendil went to Calacirya.

He wandered through the Blessed kingdom, but there was no one. Suddenly, Eönwë greeted him and they went to halls of Valimar. His request was granted. Then he went back to Elwing and she decided for both of them to count them as first-borns children (elves).

When Vingilot came back to Arda, all the people were wondering what shone so much. Maglor was happy, that the Silmaril came back and it was in a safe place.

It was told, that Morgoth hadn’t expected the attack from the West. His armies were big, but not enough to defeat the army of the West. Even the dragons weren’t enough. Morgoth was defeated, his feet were cut, and his crown was changed into a necktie and they took his two Silmarils, which were still on his crown.

The consequence of battle was a change of surface, the mountains fell down and rivers found other channels.

The vow of Fëanor’s sons was broken, Maglor became reconciled, but Maedhros didn’t give up. He convinced Maglor to take the Silmarils. But they were burning their hands, and so Maedhros threw himself with a Silmaril in the cleft, and Maglor threw the other Silmaril in the sea. From that moment on, he wandered and sang about the pain and regret.

The Vanyar were sad because they didn’t carry the Silmarils back to Valinor. The Noldor, who came back to Valinor were again sharing love of Manwë and the Teleri forgot their offence.

But some elves stayed in Middle Earth and some of them were Círdan, Celeborn and Galadriel, Elrond and Gil-galad. Elrohir decided to be a man.

Morgoth hurled through the Gates of the night in Timeless emptiness. But his seed of evil was sowed in hearts of elves and men and it never died.

by RainBow

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