** warning ~ because some information is derived from Unfinished Tales, certain parts may not be canonical**

In the year 700 of the Second Age, Galadriel and Celeborn moved east to a land near the Misty Mountains, establishing the Noldorian realm of Eregion. It was known to the couple that Sauron had previously hidden himself near these Mountains and they hoped to keep a watchful eye upon the dark Maia. Khazad-dûm was near to Eregion, and though it was unusual, Dwarves and Elves became friends, both ultimately profiting in the other’s knowledge and skill. Being of the Noldor race, many of these people were craftsmen. One brotherhood, Gwaith-i-Mírdain in particular was said to have talent to equal Fëanor. Celebrimbor, son of Curufin and grandson of Fëanor was one member of the Mírdain. In the year 1200 of the Second Age, Sauron came in the fair shape of Annatar in an attempt to sway the hearts of those in Eregion. He was widely accepted, especially by the Mírdain, for they were blinded by their greed. In an attempt to gain further control over the realm, he persuaded the brotherhood to lead a revolt against Galadriel and Celeborn. Convinced she could not sway her people otherwise, Galadriel fled to Lórinand (Lórien) with Amroth and Celebrían, who was already protected against Sauron. However, Celeborn refused to travel through the mansions of the Dwarves and stayed behind, ignored by the now in-power Mírdain.

As Sauron’s control over the Mírdain grew, so too did their knowledge of craftsmanship. Of the powerful treasures crafted, the Rings of Power are the most renowned. These rings held the will to govern each race, to strengthen and embellish each realm, and to ward off the decay of time. So saying, the desire for these rings and the power they withheld, harbored in every race’s heart. But what they did not know was how these rings contained such power, until the departure of Sauron in 1500. Content that he had successfully overcome the Noldor, he was not seen again until 1695, when the Elves learned of the one ring. The one ring in which all others were subject to, which their power relied upon, and through these rings, so too could their masters’ thoughts and actions be controlled. When Celebrimbor learned of this treachery, he fled to Lórien with the Three Elven Rings he forged without the guidance of Sauron. There he took Galadriel’s counsel that the rings were to be hid, dispersed, and never to be used so that none would know where they lay hidden. The rings would go to the Elvish guardians, Galadriel and Gil-Galad. It was then that the Lady of Light received Nenya, the Ring of Water and Adamant. The ring held powers which were unlooked for; as well as strengthening and enriching the realm of Lórien, it also increased Galadriel’s desire for the Sea and her return to the West, so that her joy in Middle Earth diminished. Gil-Galad received Narya and Vilya, the Ring of Fire and Ruby, and the Ring of Air and Sapphire. Here the story splits in two as to how Círdan came to receive Narya. Some resources say that the moment Gil-Galad received the ring, it was sent to the Ship-Wright. Others state that it was not until the Last Alliance that he received the Ring of Fire.

The other rings were taken off as the truth circled through the Elven realms and Khazad-dûm. War was brought to Eregion in 1695, when Sauron learned of the betrayal of the Mírdain. In response, Gil-Galad sent an army out of Lindon, headed by Elrond. This host, however proved too small to break through and aid Celeborn in protecting Eregion, as Sauron’s army was large enough to both drive back Celeborn’s forces and protect the rear. The purpose of the invasion was to gather the Rings of Power, but Celebrimbor would not allow Sauron to defile the house of the Mírdain in his search, nor learn the whereabouts of the three rings. Celebrimbor was taken captive and tortured, but never did he tell Sauron of the three strongest rings, and so he was killed. However, Sauron guessed the two Elvish guardians had received the rings, and in his rage, turned his troop’s focus on Elrond. They would have destroyed the Elven host completely if it had not been for the army of Lórien led by Amroth and the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Together, the two kin were able to drive back Sauron’s troop, biding time for Elrond and the remnants of his men to flee to a safer land (later named Imladris). As the plan was successful, the remainder of Dwarves and Elves retreated and the doors of Moria were shut.

All things did not go as planned. Sauron successfully conquered all of Eriador, except for Imladris, and Elrond’s strength was waning. In 1700, five years after the seize of Eriador, Tar-Ministar and his Númenórean troops crossed the sea to aid Gil-Galad in recapturing that which originally was not tainted by evil. After Sauron was driven away, Eriador lay in ruins and so the first White Council was held. Between the leaders of Middle Earth, it was decided that Imladris would be the new Elven stronghold and that Elrond was to receive Vilya to aid in the protection of his realm.

It was prophesized that if Sauron ever took form again and found the one ring, or if the ring were destroyed, the Elven rings would loose their powers and the realms would wane; with the fading of the Elven realms, so too would the mirth of the Elves. They would leave for the West and never return, and the Dominion of Men would begin in Middle Earth. In 3019 of the Third Age, this prophecy came true. After the destruction of Sauron and the last Dark Power, the ring bearers took the last White Ship for Valinor. They were Elrond Peredhil, Galadriel, Frodo Baggins and Mithrandir.

The Silmarillion ~ Of The Rings Of Power And The Third Age
The Unfinished Tales ~ The History of Galadriel and Celeborn

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