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Memoirs of Melkor

This is the enthralling autobiography of Evil Incarnate himself during his long time in the Void – aka “How I made Evil”. [Editor’s note: At times, the language has been deemed inappropriate for publication and has been omitted from this text; most of these changes are shown by the use of “…” Furthermore, most of […]

A Smilie Poem Top 10

Seasons of Smilies I love smilies in the winter I love smilies in the spring I love smilies when the sun is high Oh smilie give me a wink and I am yours By Eressëa, Handmaiden of Vairë The Bath Song Sing hey! for the smilie at close of day That washes the boring post […]

Tolkien Quotes About Courage and Heroism

“But where shall I find courage?” asked Frodo. “That is what I chiefly need.” “Courage is found in unlikely places,” said Gildor. “Be of good hope!” (LOTR, Book I, Chapter 3) “There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for […]

Realm Awards

Quickest Avvie/Sig Changer – Maire Smilie-obsessor – Nenyia Biggest Mouth – Fíriel, at least according to herself Mrs Involved – Nenyia LotR Movie-obsessor – Maire (haven’t read the books but are on a LotR site) Funniest Realmer – Areth~Langwen Weirdest Weaver (the good weird) – galadriel_evenstar_idril:o Biggest character-groupie – Aervir Almighty Knowledgeable Tolkien-obsessor – Morwinyoniel […]

Further award for Return of the King

At yesterday’s Irish Film and Television awards Return of the King received the Jameson International Film Award. There are further details about the award winners at Times Online.

Happy Birthday Peter Jackson

Today is Peter Jackson’s 43rd birthday. He was born on October 31st, 1961 in Pukerua Bay, North Island, New Zealand. You can view some pictures of PJ here and read his bio here.

Happy Birthday to you PJ.

Award for Return of the King

At the recent Australian Film Institute awards, Return of the King received the award for best foreign film. Highlights of the award ceremony will be screened on the Australian channel ABC TV at 6pm on 31st October. There are further details about the awards at Herald Sun.

The Weavers

Name: Aervir Country: Germany (currently studying in the UK) Sign: Aries (we are said to be really stubborn, you know…) Hobbies: Reading, going to the movies, surfing the Internet (esp. Tolkien-related and fanfiction sites), foreign languages, spending time with my friends You would never guess: Strange facts about me? I am now attending the same […]

Similarities between Rohirric and Hobbit Westron

At a first glance, one could say that peoples as different as Hobbits and the Rohirrim don’t bear much resemblance, if any. Yet, strange as it may seem, the roots of their languages are common. First let us take a brief look at the tale of their unfolding. Rohirric, a language “rich and rolling in […]

Gríma Wormtongue

Gríma Wormtongue is one of the most infamous people in the history of Middle-earth, for he is known as the man who almost caused the death of a king and the ruin of a kingdom because of his desire to gain power and rise in the hierarchy. He betrayed his country by spying for Saruman […]