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T-Shirt Contest Winners

CoE is pleased to announce the winners of our T-shirt and Poster contest:

1st Place: BingoTook
2nd Place: ElavielEvenstar
3rd Place: Arapresarr

Honorable Mentions: delalyra, Gimli_and_Gollum, glory2glorfindel, Jackie, Kelly Johnson, Kwanli, Lady_Undomiel, Nan, ncouto, Oddwen, Unawen, Vicky, yankeegirl

Please contact Rivka if you are listed above, so that you can receive your prize. We want to thank everyone that submitted entries. You all did a really great job!

LotR Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition

Tickets for The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition, at The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia, are now available for pre-order at ticketmaster.

The exhibition opens on December 26th and closes on March 31st (these dates are subject to change).

Getting to know Vaïre’s First Handmaiden – an interview with Eressëa

– How did you discover Tolkien ? Hmmm, difficult question actually… There’s discovering him as in simply knowing about him – or about his works and then there’s the actual discovery of his wondrous world, his fantastic, vast imagination … It’s weird, my parents had once bought a cartoon book of The Hobbit which they […]

Saruman of Many Colours – yet another Ring-maker?

In the history of Middle-earth there are two baddies which we mostly focus on: Morgoth, and his servant who later became as evil and terrible as his master – Sauron. Both did fell deeds that harmed Arda and Middle-earth in unthinkable ways, ruining the purity and innocence of the world as it is. It is […]

Weaving the history of a realm one thread at a time

The Halls of Mandos are a great and wondrous place, and the tapestries of Arda are hanging there, woven by his spouse Vairë, whom we weavers serve. Come, let me show you her parlours – this way – come along … Here are her most personal tapestries, and here is also the tapestry of our […]

Crucial Events in the History of Arda – an Essential Chronology

Creation and Shaping of Arda and the Ages of Lamps The Music of the Ainur and Melkor’s discord The Ainur sing the themes of Eru into a vision of the world. Melkor, the Ainu with the greatest gifts of power and knowledge, tries to interweave his own variations, which causes disturbances and three times makes […]

Interview with Fíriel and Malinornë, Language Moderators

Q: What drew you to the Elven languages in the first place ? Malinornë: Curiosity … but as the Appendices weren’t included in the Swedish translation of LOTR, I didn’t realize that the Elven languages in the books were so ‘real’ and ‘complete’ that they could be studied until I more or less accidentally came […]

The Prophecy

There is an anecdote about a 19th century opera critic who used to leave the theatre as soon as the overture was over. When someone at last dared to ask him about his habit, he simply answered that he had already mentally finished his review of the whole opera, judging from the quality of its […]

Movie profile for Isildur

Isildur is the son of the king (in the movie, Elendil is not mentioned by name). In the final battle of the Last Alliance, he sees Sauron kill his father, and the Dark Lord also attempts to slay Isildur who is kneeling by his father’s body. Isildur grabs his father’s sword, but Sauron steps on […]

Book profile for Isildur

Isildur was the eldest son of Elendil, born in Númenor in 3209 of the Second Age. He was brother to Anárion and father to Elendur, Aratan, Ciryon and Valandil. There is no record of his wife’s name. His family, the Lords of Andúnië, descended from Elros Tar-Minyatur, the first king of Númenor, and were regarded […]