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UK residents – win The One Ring

For a chance to win a 9 carat gold replica of The One Ring enter the competition at The Sunday Post. The closing date is 29th December.

Return of the King-themed Photoshop contest

One of the many Photoshop contests that take place at is themed “Unlikely Scenes from the Extended DVD Version of ‘The Return of the King.'” As well as viewing the results,if you are a member of you can submit an entry.

LotR trading card game – 2005 releases has announced their 2005 release schedule for the LotR trading card game.

Black Rider is due for release in March, Bloodlines in July, War of the Ring Anthology in August and The Hunters in November.

CoE TV Guide: December 19th – 26th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EST.

Winter Poetry

Winter’s Hope Winter has come Winter has fallen. Here I reside, far from Home and family’s calling. Its chill swirls around me, Like an endless white sea. And on the wind’s mournful cry, I hear its truth; it does not lie. It comes across the hill and down the slope, And tells of one shining […]

The Shire Reckoning, or How the Hobbits simplified their Calendar

Now that a new year has started it seems a proper time for an essay on the Shire Reckoning; the calendar comonly in use in the Shire. This calendar shares some similarities with our own, but also contains a lot of differences. The Hobbits divided the year into 12 months, as we do, but in […]

The Hobbit Café

The next time you feel a Hobbit-sized hunger and are in the mood for some Middle-earth cuisine, try dropping by The Hobbit Café in Houston, Texas. Nestled beneath a huge oak tree, this cosy little Tudor-style building is the new location for this over 32-year-old business. When the weather cooperates you can even enjoy your […]

Howard Shore, a Brief Biography

The three Oscars he has received for his work on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy were probably the highlight of Howard Shore’s more than 35 years as a professional musician and composer. Here’s a little of the trail that lead to those Oscars. Howard Shore was born in Toronto, Canada on Oct 18, 1946. […]

Hobbity Recipes

Coney Stew – by Happy Hobbit As winter nights are drawing in, it’s now that home cooking comes into its own. There’s nothing better in a Hobbit’s way of thinking than coming home to a warming stew on a cold winters evening. This wholesome meal is most often made using cheap cuts of meat, a […]

Estë in our world?

There was a time when I believed Estë could only be found in the books written by J.R.R Tolkien, yet recent events have made me change my mind. I would like to share my experience with you, who knows, perhaps we will find that more than one member of the Valar dwells amongst, or perhaps […]