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Moderator of the Month: an interview with Alyanome

How did you find CoE? I was hooked by our former fan creations admin Lollypop. She convinced me that this was the best Tolkien site to hang around and she was absolutely right. What are your duties here at CoE? I mainly moderate journals, but sometimes I pop into the chat. I’m just a bit […]

Member of the Month: an interview with AinarielPalantir

How did you find CoE? A little over a year ago I was just starting to really get into LotR and I think I was looking for pictures when I just happened to find this site as one result from a search engine. I explored the site and kept coming back. RotK was just coming […]

Happy Birthday Elijah Wood

Elijah Jordan Wood was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, on the 28th of January 1981, which means that he celebrates his 24th birthday today. You can see pictures of Elijah here, pictures of him in the role of Frodo here and read his biography on CoE here.

A very happy 24th birthday to you Elijah!

Ringers: Lord of the Fans

This article at reviews Ringers: Lord of the Fans, a film documentary about Tolkien fans, directed by Carlene Cordova and produced by Cliff Broadway. There’s further information about the film at

LotR trading card game – Black Rider

From now until the release date of 18th March, Decipher are previewing cards from their latest expansion set, Black Rider. The latest previews are of Rosie Cotton and Dwarven Skill.

Humor Section Updates!

Have you been waiting for some awesome new parodies to read? Always wondering when new stuff will be added to the Lost and Found? Well, that time has come – there have been some major updates to the Humor Section! First, be sure to check out new Parodies from ESM, Lyekka, Oddwen, and invited parody writer, Molly J. Ringwraith (who was kind enough to allow CoE to host her three parody scripts – FOTR, TTT, and ROTK)! Then head over to the Lost and Found to see new additions such as “The Gospel According to Tolkien”, and “Who Shall Take the Road”.

Finally, there are always new additions to Comics, Celeborn’s Karaoke Bar, and Haldir’s Pretty Pictures. Also, if you’ve been submitting Humor items or plan to, please take a moment to check the Submissions page for rule changes and updates every so often. Thanks, and enjoy!

The Hobbit play report that auditions begin this week for a stage version of The Hobbit. The play will premiere on April 16th at St James Theatre, Wellington, NZ.

CoE Joins the White Tree Fund

CoE is pleased to announce our partnership with the White Tree Fund, which has been organized to raise money for the tsunami victims in the Indian Ocean. You can donate money for their relief through any of three relief agencies listed on the White Tree Fund’s website. Click Read More, or visit their site to learn more about it.

CoE TV Guide: January 23rd – 30th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EST.

Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Middle-earth

The official site for The Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Middle-earth has been updated with a new game trailer. You can view the trailer at