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Ted Nasmith – official site update

Tolkien illustrator Ted Nasmith has updated his official site with news about his forthcoming appearances in 2005. These include; Ringbearer’s Day in New York on 19th March and A Long Expected Party in Oslo, Norway on 4th-7th August.

Denethor: Book Profile

“Denethor II was a proud man, tall, valiant, and more kingly than any man that had appeared in Gondor for many lives of men; and he was wise also, and far-sighted, and learned in lore.” Sadly, this is not the Denethor that we get to see in the movies. But in the books, tragic though […]

The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film convention

Sean Astin will be appearing at the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film convention. This event will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 12th & 13th March. There are further details about the event here.

CoE TV Guide: February 27th – March 6th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EST.

From Screen to Symphony

In a short interview with Omaha World Herald, composer Howard Shore talks about his experiences working with Peter Jackson on LotR, and the ideas behind the Lord of the Rings Symphony.

Realm Award

The Realm of Mandos awards this title to Killjoy, the wackiest, most caring, and most fun realm leader. Banner by Mara

An analysis of the songs in the book vs movies

Many of the songs featured in the Lord of the Rings movies are very strongly based on parts of the books. Three examples of this can be found in the Fellowship of the Ring book alone. Merry and Pippin’s song in the Extended Edition of Fellowship of the Ring (DVD Chapter: At the Green Dragon) […]

Houses of Healing: Book vs. Movie

At the beginning of the scene of the Houses of Healing in the book, we have a tired and dreadfully injured Merry, injured by both the Witch-king and the sorrow for King Théoden and Lady Éowyn. Meanwhile, in the movie, we see Éomer and Pippin searching for their kinfolk. When Pippin sees the familiar cloak […]

Sean Astin at Bucknell University

On 1st March, Sean Astin will be giving a presentation entitled, “There and Back Again; An Actor’s Tale”. This event will take place at the Weis Center, Bucknell University, Lewisburg and is open to members of the public. There will be no admission charge but donations for Tsunami Relief will be accepted at the door. There are further details at

Peter Jackson presentation

On Saturday 12th March, at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia, the Powerhouse Museum will present, “An Evening with Peter Jackson”. PJ will give a behind the scenes insight into the making of the LotR trilogy and the presentation will include new footage. There are further details about the event here.