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Interview with Faramirs_first_kiss and IdhrenethMeril, Names Database

How long have you been on CoE? Faramirs_first_kiss: Since Easter ’03. Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, I believe, in between the munching of chocolate. IdhrenethMeril: A little more than two years. How did you discover CoE? Faramirs_first_kiss: I actually found it via the gallery, when I was looking for pictures from TTT. I lurked a […]

Updates on Elrond’s Adventure

Have you ever wanted to be part of something between CoE members? Have you ever wanted to have a member of LotR come visit you? Well, if the answer is yes, then this is for you! Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about Elrond’s Adventure. Right now on CoE there is an activity going on where […]

Finding Namo: The history behind the shadowy Vala wandering the Halls of Mandos

If there was ever a Vala shrouded in mystery and intrigue, it would be Mandos. Set with the title, “The Ordainer” and “The Judge”, the true name of this Vala is in fact Namo, though he is most often referred to by the name of his dwelling, the Halls of Mandos in the west of […]

Administrator of the Month: an interview with Elenisil

How did you find CoE? My little niece heard me talking to a friend about the books and got interested in listening to the story. Since both the books and the films were too “adult” for her, I started working on an adapted, illustrated version so that she could learn about Tolkien, understand it and […]

Member of the Month: an interview with Oddwen

How did you find CoE? I was searching the net for Tolkien parodies, and I found the fanfiction section of the site. A while passed before I registered to submit my parody, and I was never really active anywhere until the Realms started up. I joined Aulë on day one and there I’ve been ever […]

Happy Birthday Sean Astin

Today, February 25th, is Sean Astin’s birthday. He was born in 1971 in Santa Monica, California, and is 34 today. You can visit his cast biography here. You can also see some pictures of Sean here and pictures of Sean in the role of Sam here.

Happy Birthday Sean!

Interview with Elijah Wood

In this interview at Elijah Wood talks about his work as an actor and answers a number of questions including, “What do you think would happen if someone erased your memory of The Lord of the Rings?”.

When you visit the website it will tell you need to install a language pack. You do not have to install this to read the article, just click on the cancel button.


Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, Bruce Spence and Kiran Shah will be attending Collectormania 7. This event is being held in Milton Keynes, England from 29th April to 2nd May. There are further details at

An Excerpt from Boromir’s Journal

A missing excerpt from Boromir’s journal, perhaps? Find out what REALLY happened up on the slopes of the Misty Mountains… “Boromir, what are you doing?!”, the little hobbit screamed at me. He really does sound like a wee girl. He knows what I’m after, he just doesn’t want to give it to me. “No, Boromir! […]

Horoscopes for March

Proudly brought to you by Mandos’ resident fortune teller – Guru Swami Killjoy Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) You finished off last year surfing down the face of a wave of determination. A couple of months on and now you’re casually paddling through the sea of persistence. It’s bang on target for you to […]