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Riddles from Yavanna

Riddle #1: I show the way, yet I’m no leader, I tell people where to go, without saying a word, I hide away unless I’m needed, And only then I unfold my knowledge. What am I? Answer: A roadmap ~~~~~~~~~~ Riddle #2: In a container, all its own, Old times remembered by those who’ve grown, […]

Knitting in Middle-earth: An Hypothetical Essay

There is no direct evidence of knitting in Middle-earth, but if Middle-earth existed, knitting would have certainly existed in it. Several characters in The Lord of the Rings are mentioned as wearing stockings, which are defined as nearly always being knit garments, but knitting itself is not mentioned. In fact, almost anything said about knitting […]

“J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of the Rings”

We have all seen Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and/or read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien. Many inspired fans have written fan fictions, essays and reviews of them; others have studied the rest of his fantastic work. There are many aspects of “studying J.R.R. Tolkien”, also when it comes to him and the […]

Reflections on the importance of The Hobbit

The Hobbit is considered by some to be a story for children, while The Lord of the Rings, it is said, is the more mature extension of the myth. Does the dramatic shift in tone between Bilbo and Frodo’s adventures signal a lack of continuity in Tolkien’s epic, or is it merely another layer to […]

The Second Soundtrack: Music Inspired by Middle-earth, featuring David Arkenstone

I admit, I was suspicious when I first picked up this CD. An album of Tolkien-inspired music by a guy with a very convenient surname, released just in time to catch the waves of new LotR fans? It didn’t seem promising. The first time I looked at it, I passed it over. Mistake. A year […]

Howard Shore’s score is the best

In a poll by UK radio station Classic FM, the musical soundtrack for the Lord of the Rings movies has been named as the greatest movie soundtrack of all time. Howard Shore’s music beat other contenders including Star Wars and Harry Potter. You can read more at CBBC.

A full list of the top 40 soundtracks will be available, tomorrow 31st May at Classic FM.

Books vs. Movies update

It’s that time of the year again, when the bees start buzzing and bright new things are headed your way. In this case: The RotK Section in Books vs. Movies!

Find out just how much was left out of the Houses of Healing, how Tolkien really envisioned the Dead and why Boyens, Walsh and Jackson decided to skip the Scouring.

As always, every article is accompanied by a series of useful links. There’s also the option to give us your opinion on the changes under Different Viewpoints. You can find the new section here.

Administrator of the Month: an interview with Vipergx

How did you find CoE? My sister actually found it and told me about it so I checked it out and immediately joined. What are your duties here at CoE? I am the Themes Admin, which means I am in charge of making the site look as good as it can. I am often in […]

Gardening advice from LadyAdaneth

LadyAdaneth is a well-known personality in the Gardening circles of Middle-earth. A member of the Realm of Yavanna, some of her achievements include: – Designing the first cocoa plantation in the Shire – Introducing spiders to Mirkwood as a biological control for some very unpleasant horseflies (OK, that one didn’t go quite as planned) – […]

The Quest for the Truth About the Yavanna Chocolate Stash: Does it Exist or is it Myth?

From the day I joined the Realm of Yavanna, I had heard mysterious legends about a secret stash of chocolate hidden somewhere in the realm. As the members of the realm of Yavanna are famous for their love – some might call it an obsession – with chocolate, no one ever doubted this rumour. Chocolate […]