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Leggy’s Lament, or “Why Is Everyone Always Picking on Meeee?”

Why is everyone always picking on me? I have such a handsome face, But they say I am too pretty, And my hair is never out of place. Just because I stay neat and clean, And keep my blonde locks shiny, If I don’t shampoo at least twice a day, I get cantankerous and whiny. […]

Why Did the Chicken Really Cross the Road?

It has been asked through the ages, “why did the chicken cross the road?” While many have attempted to sufficiently answer this question, the chicken’s intentions still remain in the wind. To understand why the chicken crossed the road, we will attempt to find out why the chicken chose a road to cross and where […]

Interview with LadyCeleborn, Head of the Realm of Ulmo, Multimedia Admin, Palantir Mod, Co-Admin of “The Unspeakables”

Q: As I started looking for the posts you occupy here at the CoE, I was amazed that there were so many. How do you manage to do all these jobs next to a real life one? A: Because these are things I enjoy doing. I’ve been a part of CoE for a long time […]

Humor is just another defense against the universe

“Humor is just another defense against the universe” – Mel Brooks If that be the case, then Ringhilwen and her cohort Oddwen, the two Administrators of CoE’s Humor section, are without question two of its most formidable Shield Maidens. Each wielding a wicked wit along with a good banana. And really great hair. Though they […]

Why We Chose Ulmo, or Why Ulmo’s Such a Great Realm

Why we chose Ulmo? You have probably all asked someone why they chose their Realm. It is a question that is asked over and over again, and now we are going to answer that question. All of us members in Ulmo love the waters, from the tiniest little raindrop to the biggest of oceans. We […]

Cassanova Ulmo, or Why the lord of the seas never found his life partner

You might have wondered many times why poor Ulmo and poor Nienna never ended up together as a happy couple while all the other Valar seemed to be a lot happier in their love life. That’s an answer the reporters of the CC wanted to know as well, so we decided to dig into the […]

An Interview with Ossë and Uinen

Although difficult to find Ossë and Uinen together, the Realm of Ulmo finally persuaded them to sit for a brief interview. The interviewer asked for a bit of background on these Maiar of Ulmo. Ossë looked somewhat embarrassed and Uinen spoke up. “My husband loves storms and the waves that crash upon the shore. I […]

Administrator of the Month: an interview with imzadirose

How did you find CoE? I found CoE while hunting for LotR e-cards, as I have a friend who’s a major Frodo-fanatic and I wanted a good card for her birthday. Later, when I was as gung-ho crazy as everybody for RotK (and the EE), I remembered CoE for its awesome galleries and began to […]

Moderator of the Month: an interview with Malinornë

How did you find CoE? I was looking for information on Sindarin, and CoE offered both lessons and a friendly language discussion forum. I think I visited for about a month before I became a member. What are your duties here at CoE? My most ‘visible’ duty is moderating the Quenya forum, but the task […]

Member of the Month: an interview with PV

How did you find CoE? I often search the web for biographical information on my favourite authors. I found CoE when I looked up Tolkien on Google Search. What are you favorite areas of the site? – The CoE Encyclopaedia – very well researched! – The Fan Fiction section – the standard of writing is […]