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Member of the Month: an interview with Lanfear

How did you find CoE? I’m not entirely sure, I’ve practically moved in and I’ve forgotten how I got here. I’m guessing via the wonderful world of Google. What are your duties here at CoE? I’m a Leader of the Realm of Nienna, so I mostly spend my time hugging people. It’s a hard job, […]

Administrator of the Month: an interview with Gwendeth

How did you find CoE? I found it on a link from the Yahoo Group Elfling. I was searching out places to study Sindarin, and clicked on it almost by accident. However, as soon as I was here, I registered. I was immediately captured by the scope of different topics in the Forums, and by […]

Moderator of the Month: an interview with Figwit

How did you find CoE? My brother was looking for pics, and we found the gallery. We both wanted to join, so we joined under the name of ‘Figwit’ – which was the only thing we could come up with that we both liked. Hence, I’m stuck with it. My brother later joined as Lord_of_Minas_Morgul, […]

Arwen: Film Profile

You know the chick with the horse? The one that makes all those weird appearances in places you don’t expect her? Dark hair, kissable lips, hooks up with the lead guy…yeah, you know who. That’s Arwen. Arwen is Elrond’s daughter. As such, she’s Aragorn’s foster-sister. Not that that got in the way of the two […]

Nienna’s Influence on the Destinies of Arda

“But she does not weep for herself; and those who hearken to her learn pity, and endurance in hope.” (Silmarillion, Valaquenta) Nienna is a Queen of the Valar, one of the most powerful among them. She is the lady of sorrow and teacher of pity and hope. Nienna lives alone in her Halls that lie […]

Why the Weepers Enjoy Wool

As you wander about the forums, you may come across a Nienna member who has the habit of doing something you might say is rather odd: eating socks! They may even have gone as far as placing a line of text in their signature that says they are a proud member of the sock-eating club. […]

An Interview with Magoleth

The Realm of Nienna decided to ask an older fan’s thoughts on life and LotR. As Magoleth has the unique distinction of being the oldest member of the Realm of Nienna (although “only by nine days” can usually be heard from the direction of Rosearialelven at that point) she was our willing accomplice in bringing […]

An Interview with Elenisil

Elenisil is the Gallery Admin here on Council of Elrond. She is often overlooked, but it is her care and time which have helped create one of the best Lord of the Rings galleries on the Internet. So, it is with pride that the Realm of Nienna presents an interview with the woman who spends […]

Choral Pieces in the Soundtracks

The soundtracks for Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy may be, quite possibly, some of the best soundtracks in the world. Howard Shore not only did a wonderful job with orchestrating the music and picking highly talented soloists, he also did a fabulous job of slipping in subtle hints about the culture or characters he is describing […]

Elven Magic

Elven magic is a magic of enchantment, of art, of dreams given form. Of sub-creation and imagination, used for both frivolity and ease and for guarding and guiding. Maybe a good way to think of Elven magic is to look at the definition of the word olos, considered in “Unfinished Tales”: “olo-s: vision, ‘phantasy’: Common […]