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Lord of the Rings – stage version

Rehearsals for the stage version of LotR are underway and yesterday some of the acrobatic moves from the show were revealed to the press. These included a high-flying demonstration from Saruman. You can read the full story at Canoe.

Tolkien’s earnings

In this year’s Forbes magazine list of the top deceased celebrity earners, Elvis is still king at number 1 with Charles Schulz (Peanuts) at number 2. Tolkien has slipped from 3rd to 7th place with earnings of $8 million. You can see the complete list at E online.

LotR illustrations come to light report that a search of Edinburgh University departments has unearthed many hidden works of art. The treasures include a set of 23 watercolour paintings by Petal Joan Roberts of scenes from The Lord of the Rings. You can view the paintings here.

CoE Site Theme Contest Reminder!

If you were planning on entering the CoE Site Theme Contest, or might be interested, you have a little over a week left to get your entries in! All submissions are due by midnight (PST) on Friday, November 4th. So, if you wanted to create a design that might possibly be used as the next CoE theme, open up those graphics programs and get started!

To read about the contest and how to submit your site design, head on over to this thread. We look forward to seeing everyone’s designs!

Lord of the Beans

The Lord of the Beans, the Veggie Tales parody of LotR is due for release on DVD and video on 29th October. In the movie Toto Baggypants inherits a powerful bean from his Uncle Billyboy. He, along with several veggie pals, sets out on a journey to find out what his gift should be used for. You can find out more at BigIdea.

Lord of the Rings – stage version

Rehearsals for the stage version of The Lord of the Rings begin today in Toronto. British actor James Loye plays the role of Frodo. Just five years out of theater school James reveals, “I suddenly wake up in the morning and remember that I’m going to be Frodo. It’s overwhelmingly exciting. I am playing one of the leading roles in the largest show ever created…”. You can read the full story at the Toronto Star.

CoE TV Guide: October 23rd – 30th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EST.

Happy birthday Viggo

Today is Viggo Mortensen’s 47th birthday. He was born in New York, USA on 20 October 1958. There are some great pictures of Viggo in the CoE gallery here and of Viggo in the role of Aragorn here.

Happy Birthday Viggo.

Lembas for the Soul

Lembas for the Soul, a collection of LotR fans’ true experiences will be released on December 1st. Ringers from all over the world have shared their Lord of the Rings experiences with editor Catherine Kohman and Lembas for the Soul has fifty deeply felt tales of newly forged friendships, courage and inspiration, joy and loss. There’s further information about the book at White Tree Press.

Riddles in the Dark: the answer to October’s riddle

If you’re a fan of riddles, then be sure to check out the Council Courier’s special section, called Riddles in the Dark. Every month it features a new and challenging riddle related to Tolkien’s works. If you have participated in October’s riddle game, you can read the answer now.