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The Sons of Elrond

Twin brothers Toby and Cody McClure’s lives were changed after seeing Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. Since then Tolkien’s works have made a tremendous impact on their lives and they have spent the last eight months working on an animated fan short; The Lord of the Rings: The Sons of Elrond. You can view the animation at their website

Note: QuickTime is required to view the animation.

Council Courier – December edition out now

The December edition of the Council Courier is out now, packed with surprises and goodies especially for you. If you did not receive your copy via e-mail you can read the newsletter here. Don’t forget to check out the new riddle posted in the Riddles in the Dark section!

Summoning the Quendi to Valinor

Once upon a time, all the Elves were one big happy family. There were no Noldor, Vanyar, or Sindar, Green-elves, Grey Elves or Dark Elves. But after they had all been living for a while in the peace and quiet of Cuivienen, the Elves were discovered by Oromë, and he whisked three of them (Ingwë, […]

The Noldor

“And their own true name in High-elven is Noldor, Those that Know; for of the Three Kindreds of the Elves in the beginning, ever the Noldor were distinguished both by their knowledge of things that are and were in this world, and by the desire to know yet more. … They belonged to a race […]

The Lord of the Rings – stage version

At the official website for the stage version of The Lord of the Rings you can read part two of Owen Sharpe’s hobbit diary in which he describes the rehearsals for the show as being like a “hobbit boot camp”. There’s also an article by Irene Bohan, assistant costume designer for the show.

These articles can be accessed from the Behind the Scenes link on the website home page.

New LotR range from Sideshow

In the second quarter of 2006 a new range of 12 inch collectible LotR figures will be available from Sideshow. The figures will be posable with over 30 points of articulation and will have accessories including weapons and shields.

PJ and The Hobbit report that Peter Jackson is still interested in making a film version of The Hobbit and in addition Alan Lee would like to be involved in the concept artwork. However, before a film can be made there are legal issues to be resolved as both New Line and Sony each own half the film rights.

New section in Multimedia!

Greetings! Need a piece of stationery or maybe a notecard? Then come check out a new section of the multimedia area which has been updated to include printable stationery and notecards. You can find them here.

CoE TV Guide: December 18th – 25th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EST.

The Gathering of the Fellowship Festival – update

The Gathering of the Fellowship has announced more guests and programming for its July 1st – 4th 2006 convention in Toronto. Actor Bruce Hopkins, artists John Howe and Ted Naismith, broadcaster/author Michael Coren, scholars Colin Duriez, Mike Foster, Amy Sturgis and many, many more will be attending next summer’s event, covering Tolkien, film, stage, art, music, costumes, languages and writing, and a host of special events. There are further details at the festival website here.