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Ted Nasmith CD

Artist Ted Nasmith is in the process of recording a CD which will include songs such as River Daughter and Leaving the Shire. You can read further details at his website here.

CoE TV Guide: February 26th – March 5th

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only).

Times this week are shown in GMT. Remember to subtract five hours from the times listed to find the showtimes in EST. I apologize for the confusion.

The Lord of the Rings – stage version

At Peter Darling, choreographer for the stage version of The Lord of the Rings, talks about his work on the show. There are also some quotes about the physical demands of the show from the actors, including Dion Johnson, who in the role of Boromir “must run, duck and dodge while wearing three-inch heels”.

Happy Birthday Sean Astin

Today, February 25th, is Sean Astin’s birthday. He was born in 1971 in Santa Monica, California, and is 35 today. You can read his cast biography here. You can also see some pictures of Sean here and pictures of Sean in the role of Sam here.

Happy Birthday Sean!

The Battle for Middle-earth – II

At IGN you can find out how the Dwarves will feature in EA’s forthcoming game, Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Middle-earth – II. You can view some new game screenshots here and there are some new videos here.

Shelob impresses Saul

In an interview at Saul Zaentz, owner of the screen, stage and video game rights to LotR gives his reactions to the stage version of The Lord of the Rings and talks about how the highlight for him was the appearance of Shelob.

The return of the LotR exhibition report that Te Papa has spent $125,000 on a World War I plane engine for Peter Jackson. The New Zealand museum will now be able to put on the Lord of the Rings exhibition for a 18 week run starting in April and there will also be a 12 week run at another, yet to be announced, venue.

Legolas Greenleaf 12-inch figure

Sideshow Collectibles has announced the latest addition to their collection of 12-inch figures of LotR characters, Legolas Greenleaf as portrayed by Orlando Bloom. Product features and an image gallery can be viewed at the above website.

The Lord of the Rings Symphony

On 20th July, at Embarcadero Marina Park South, The San Diego Symphony Summer Pops will present the local premiere of Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings Symphony. There’s further information about this event here.

Lord of the Rings aids tourism

The Globe and Mail report on how the forthcoming stage version of The Lord of the Rings is proving to be a boost for tourism in Toronto. The latest reports are that 23 per cent of advance ticket sales are from the U.S