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LotR stars at Collectormania

David Wenham is to appear at Collectormania, Milton Keyes, UK. The event runs from from 29th September to 1st October and David will be there on 30th September and 1st October. There are further details are at

Also Miranda Otto is coming to Collectormania Manchester, UK, on 18th and 19th November.

CoE TV Guide: September 24th – October 1st

Have you ever wondered when your favorite stars from Lord of the Rings will be on TV? Now you can know! The CoE TV Guide will list almost all of the shows featuring actors and actresses from Lord of the Rings, and what channel their show will be on (US only). All times EDT.

Happy Hobbit Day

Happy birthday to two of our favorite hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo. At the start of Lord of the Rings Bilbo celebrated his 111th birthday. Frodo celebrated his 33th birthday and came of age.

Click here for some great CoE Hobbit Day eCards to send to your friends.

Official JRR Tolkien Estate site

The official website of the Tolkien Estate is currently under construction. At the moment the content is limited but there’s a little more information on the forthcoming book, The Children of Húrin including the news that the book will be illustrated by Alan Lee.

Happy Birthday David Wenham

Today, September 21st, is David Wenham’s birthday. He was born in Australia in 1965 and is 41 years old today. You can read his cast bio here. In the CoE gallery there are pictures of David here and of David in the role of Faramir here.

Happy birthday David!

Battle for Middle-earth II

Patch 1.01 for LotR – The Battle for Middle-earth II PC is now available for download at EA’s
official website. The patch includes over 200+ balance changes and a new competitive landscape.

Peter Jackson’s biography

Peter Jackson: A Film-maker’s Journey, written by Brian Sibley, will be published by HarperCollins on 6th November. You can read more about the book at Harper Collins.

New Tolkien book

CBC Arts report that The Children of Hurin, is due for publication next spring. The Children of Hurin was initially started by JRR Tolkien in 1918 but then abandoned although some excerpts have been published.

For the last 30 years his son, Christopher Tolkien has been working on completing the book and has said, “It has seemed to me for a long time that there was a good case for presenting my father’s long version of the legend of The Children of Hurin as an independent work, between its own covers”.

Last showing of Middle-earth

Tomorrow, Monday 18th September at 8pm is to be the last showing (at least for the present) of The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King on Sky Movies Channel 1. There’s further information at Sky Movies.

Peter Jackson and The Hobbit

The full transcript of Ain’t it Cool’s interview with Peter Jackson about The Hobbit is now available here. In the interview PJ reveals that if he was making The Hobbit, “I I’d try to get as many of the guys back as I could.” and that he has “zero interest in directing a Gandalf who wasn’t Ian McKellen for instance”.