“With Manwë dwells Varda, Lady of the Stars, who knows all the regions of Ëa. Too great is her beauty to be declared in the words of Men or of Elves; for the light of Ilúvatar still lives in her face.”

Valaquenta, JRR Tolkien


A beautiful appearance, with light in her eyes. From the top of the Taniquetil this Queen watches over the world. As Manwë’s spouse, she ist the most powerful of all Valier.

Like all Ainur, Varda had taken part in creating the Music. But Varda’s story begins even before that. The mighty Ainu Melkor had approached her, and had wanted Varda to become his wife. However, wise and pure as she was, she foresaw the torment he’d bring. Therefore Varda rejected him, and Melkor still fears her more than any other Valar.

Instead of Melkor, Varda chose Manwë to become her spouse. With him on her side, she became the mightiest of all Valier. For it’s not just their individual strength that supplied them with their esteem; their dedication and love for each other made them stronger, and when they are together, Manwë sees further than any eye can see, and Varda hears every whisper in every corner of Arda. So strong is their love, and they are not seperated often. Together they sit on their throne and nurture the world.

But Varda’s light reaches further than just among the Ainur. As Mandos predicted, Varda became the most loved by the Elves. For when the time of the Firstborn had almost come, Varda went to Telperion, and with it’s dew she created the most beautiful stars. High into the sky she went, and there she carefully placed them among the others. And when the Elves awoke at the lake of Cuiviénen, the first thing they saw were these. Bright shone Elemmíre and Alcarinquë and many others as well, and the Firstborn were filled with joy and loved Varda more than any other Valar.

Though Varda did more than creating the Stars. After the Two Trees had died and Yavanna had gathered their last blossom, Varda took the flowers and placed them, after they had been manufactured into two vessels, in the sky as well, but this time closer to Arda. Telperion’s flower she called the Moon, and Laurelin’s became known as the Sun. Bright they shone, but never at the same time.

And for Varda has been known for so many things, and has been loved by so many, she goes by several names. From the moment she kindled the stars, she was known as Tintallë , meaning “the Star-Kindler”. When the Elves first saw her light, they invoked her by the name of Elbereth , for they saw her as the Queen of the Stars. For the same reason she is called Gilthoniel and Elentári . Besides these names and their translations, she also goes by “The Lofty” and “The Exalted”, because both Ainur and Elves hold her so high in their esteem.

More beautiful than any other, Varda did not simply create the Stars, the Moon and the Sun; Varda Elentári, Lady of the Stars, embodies the Light.


CoE’s Encyclopedia
The Silmarillion – JRR Tolkien

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