Lets start with some regular questions 😉

1) How did you find CoE?
I was randomly searching the web for LOTR images. I happened onto CoE from another link on another site. I checked out the gallery, peeked into the forum and was hooked! Been here ever since.

2) What do you like mostly about it?
It doesn’t matter if your a book fancier or a movie fan because there is something here for everyone. We have members from all over the world and we all come together here. But I think my favorite is the realms. Within them you have smaller communities so it’s easier to get to know people.

3) How much time do you spend here?
I am here every day. Some days I will spend several hours here depending on what I am doing. The multimedia section, the realms (including Ulmo which I am part of) and the Palantir keep me busy. But it’s a good busy and I enjoy it very much.

4) Which forums do you visit the most?
I am in Ulmo the most. And although I am a Palantir mod I am in there a lot as well just because I like reading about new movies and books and what others think of them. The Prancing Pony is fun too because there are all kinds of topics in there. Also Many Meetings. Elrond’s Adventure has begun again as well so that will be a lot of fun to read about the people and places.

5) Which of Tolkiens books do you prefer?
Return of the King is my favorite. I have another book called Tolkiens World from A to Z. Although not written by Tolkien it contains people, places and objects that he created. It’s about who they are, where they are and what they are. It is a dictionary of sorts but I have spent many enjoyable hours reading it and have used it plenty of times for rpg’s and other games.

6) Is there any character you can relate to?
Sure. Sam! He’s a homebody just like I am. Family, friends and home are most important to him. And to me. He travels far and wide but going home is what he wants the most. I like traveling and seeing new things but the best part of my trip is going home. I’m happiest at home with family and my friends just like Sam.

7) If you could ask Tolkien one question, which would it be?
Who his favorite character was and why.

We can’t, of course, forget the fact that you’re the Palantír Mod, so here are some questions related to that 😀

8) How did you become a Palantír-Mod?
I guess because I was around so much they decided to give me something to do…LOL

9) Do you watch a lot of television yourself? What is your favorite program?
I don’t watch a lot of TV. I like to read more but I do watch LOST, Hero’s, American Idol and Survivor. Sometimes I just record 2 or 3 episodes and then spend an afternoon watching them all at once.

10) Have you got any film, besides the LotR Trilogy, which you would really recommend?
I really like Kingdom of Heaven. I just recently watched the director’s cut and loved it. One of my all time favorites is a movie called ‘Rudy’. It stars Sean Astin. It’s about a young man who is always told he’s not good enough or big enough but he never gives up and fights for his dream. No matter how many times I’ve seen it I always get a bit mushy at the end.

And since the New Year has just started, the last part of this interview will about that 🙂

11) Have you done anything special on New Year’s Eve?
Unfortunately this time I didn’t. This was the first time I ever had to work but my co-workers and I had a small party anyway at work which was fun. Lots of cake and chocolate which is always a good thing.

12) Have you made any resolutions?
I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. I never kept them and then I would feel guilty for not keeping them so I decided that I would do better and try harder in whatever I did.

13) Finally, is there any life lesson you’d like to share with us?
The older I get the more I realize just how short life is and that we all tend to waste so much time worrying about stuff that we can’t change or go back and do over. Father Time does not stop for anyone! So I say live life as if it were your last day, love with all your heart and laugh often!

Thank you, LadyCeleborn, and a Happy New Year!

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