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LOTR Online – Shadows of Angmar

The world of Middle-Earth has been scheduled to awaken through the upcoming massively multiplayer game “The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM” on the 24th of April 2007. Turbine has also announced a pre-ordering Founder’s program for LOTRO with special offers and benefits for the first players to enter the game before the official release date. You can view farther details about the pre-ordering subscriptions at (North America) or at (Europe). The game is currently in Beta stage of development. Players can still sign up for the American Beta here and or the European Beta here.

Eyes in the firelight, giant spiders, invisible Elves and a enchanted stream!!

All that and more, as the Book Club moves on this week, in our discussion of The Hobbit, to Chapter VIII; Flies and Spiders.

LotR stage version in London

The London production of The Lord of the Rings, has announced the full casting for the stage adaptation of the trilogy. The performances at the Royal Drury Lane begin on May 9. You may visit the official website of the production for more information.

Helm’s Deep in Candyland?

According to his Blog, over the Christmas holidays, Miss(ed) Mannors and some family friends built a 7 foot long by 3 foot wide by 2 foot high diarama of the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

The hook; they used candy with icing as cement, mortar and a coating for the mountains, Gummi Bears as Orcs and Rohirrim, Tootsie pops as catapults, and other candies, both hard and soft, as building materials and characters.

You can view his creation here.

Happy birthday Orlando Bloom

Today, 13th January, is Orlando Bloom’s birthday. Orlando was born in Canterbury, England, on the 13th of January, 1977 and is 30 today.

You can read Orlando’s cast biography here. There are pictures of Orlando here and pictures of Orlando in the role of Legolas here.

Happy Birthday Orlando!

Lord of the maps

Manchester artist and calligrapher Stephen Raw updated the maps of Middle-earth originally drawn by Christopher Tolkien and since 1993 copies of the Lord of the Rings have featured his work. You can read more about Stephen’s work at South Manchester Reporter.

Peter Jackson reacts to New Line

Peter Jackson has responded to a statement by New Line Cinema chief Robert Shaye, in which Shaye said Jackson will never work for New Line Cinema again.

You can read further details at

Who is Gollumjapyx Smeagol?

Think Spain report that a newly discovered insect, found living in caves in Castellon province,Spain, and is being named after Tolkien’s Gollum. You can see a picture of the insect here.

Wingnut responds to NewLine’s blacklisting of PJ

Ain’t It Cool comment about the damage NewLine’s Bob Shaye did to his own reputation with his complaints about PJ. This is followed by ‘Wingnut Films’ official response to Shaye’s comments.

New Line blacklists Peter Jackson

Robert Shaye, the co-chairman of New Line Cinema, has told SCI FI Wire that he will never work with Peter Jackson on ‘The Hobbit’, or on any other film, because of legal action Jackson is taking against New Line.