Here’s the Interview with our FIRST Varda Member of the Month: silver_Tinuviel!!!!!! :hug: :love: :cheers: :disco:

1) How did you find CoE?

With Google (bless it!). I remember I was looking for LotR e-cards. *smiling reminiscently* I found this site about half a year before I registered. My patience was hardly tested, because all the names I wanted were already taken. Finally I did it and here I am!

2) How much time do you spend here?

Mmm… Usually several hours a day. Sometimes I’m online all day long, while working at the office, cleaning my house, eating or washing the dishes… I confess myself a CoE addict!

3) What do you like most about it?

I love the people here! I have very dear friends on CoE. *huggles everyone* Also, I really like the entire site and its warm and super civilized atmosphere. It’s a very rare and precious thing!

4) Why did you decide to become a Vardian?

I became a Vardian the same day I became a CoE member, I think. I’ve been always a Vardian! *happy dance*
Like a very sensitive person (and because I love taking tests), I tried, of course, the CoE Realm Test, but I had a pretty cool result: 20% this, 20% this, 20% that… Typical! I finally decided to join Varda, because elves love her and the starlight above all things. And I do love elves! And stars! And Varda!

5) What’s the first word you think of when you think of Varda as one of the Valar?


6) What’s the first word you think of when you think of Varda as a Realm?

FRIENDSHIP! My fellow Vardians are incredibly warm, kind and helpful! Not to mention super clever and *very* funny! I love them all! I can’t imagine myself leaving this Realm!

7) Which forum of the Realm of Varda do you spend most time in?

It is called “Comet Trails” and contains the contests and the games (and we have soooo many!). But, of course, I spend a lot of time in “Heavenly Mists” too – the discussion forum – where my dear and very crazy nephew Mirilien and I have our little family bussiness “Varda’s Name Factory”.

8 ) Outside of CoE, what do you do when you’re behind your computer?

Well, I spend at least 12 hours a day behind computers! First of all, I try to do my job (creating forms for the European Union), then I greatly enjoy visiting and posting on Leaky Cauldron, a great Harry Potter site, and on the Spread-the-Craziness forum. (I used to spend a lot of time on The Unspeakables, the CoE sister site, too, but it’s now closed.) Also, I love reading news and encyclopedia stuff – Tolkien, Rowling, medieval heroes, Hebrew culture, tea and so on –, doing research for the Name Factory, sending emails and talking to my friends on messenger.

9) Which of Tolkien’s books is your favourite?

I really don’t know… LotR and Silmarillion, I think… And The Hobbit!

10) Which kind of food or drink from Middle-Earth would you like to taste?

Anything from Rivendell or Grey Havens and most certainly some of Bilbo’s best receipes!

11) If you could invite any character from Tolkien’s works to accompany you on a long walk throughout Paris, the city of love, which would it be?

*violent heart attack*
Finrod! And… errrrmmm… Aragorn! And Fingolfin! And Gandalf! And… Oh, you said “a character” not a crowd to fill Place de la Concorde! Sorry!

12) Which question would you ask Tolkien, if you would be given the chance?

“What happened to Frodo and Bilbo after sailing into the West?”

13) Which kind of art do you prefer?

Book, movie, theater, music, photography…

14) Which cd is in your cd-player at the moment?

The FotR audio book!

15) If you would have the chance to go see any kind of nature – for instance a desert, a waterfall, mountains etc – what would you choose?

Hmmm… Very hard! Maybe some Rivendell-ish waterfalls, a Lorien-like forest, a beautiful and fruitful land – very much like the Shire – or some Narnian mountains… *dreaming*

16) Imagine that someone brings you to a deserted island, what could you not do without and who would you want to bring with you?

I’d bring tones of books, my LotR and Harry Potter audio books, my sis Lilybeth, Mirilien, my Vardians, my two other crazy nephews, several friends, my parents, my computer, internet, my cat, oranges, died figs, sacks of tea, cinnamon and curry, a camera, Leonard Cohen music, hundreds of movies…
*stops suddenly*
WHAT??? Only ONE person and only ONE thing??? Oh dear! I’m dead! I think I need a priest for the funeral and a nice and cozy coffin.

17) Finally, can you describe the socks you’re wearing right now?

Very *very* orange! 😀
Now, other than the Top Ten list, what do we have left? I’ll get it all put together and post it when we’re all done. 😀

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