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Are dragons as big an environmental disaster as global warming?

Find out by joining us on Monday March 5th as the Book Club moves on in its discussion of ‘The Hobbit’, to Chapter XI, On The Doorstep.

Happy Birthday Sean Astin

Today, February 25th, is Sean Astin’s birthday. He was born in 1971 in Santa Monica, California, and is 36 today. You can read his cast biography here. You can also see some pictures of Sean here and pictures of Sean in the role of Sam here.

Happy Birthday Sean!

Cross realm poetry contest no. 3

After a long break we are finally back with the cross realm poetry contests. The third one is almost through, but you can still vote for your favorite poem. Go here to place your vote.

The Hobbit a reality by 2009?

Even though he still does not have a director or a workable script as yet, Robert Shaye says he intends to have The Hobbit released by 2009. You can read the interview here.

For a good time – come visit Lake Town; Bilbo did!

After such a miserable time spent with the Elves, Bilbo and his companions now spend some pleasant time amongst the Men of Lake Town. The Book Club, on February 19th, will move on in our discussion of ‘The Hobbit’ to Chapter X, ‘A Warm Welcome’. Feel free to join us.

Realm Project #2: Photo Contest

Greetings! The Realms of CoE cordially invite you to come and check out our latest project called Winter light in your corner of Arda. We need you to come and vote for the best picture!

“Rise of Saruman” expansion

Decipher has announced that the latest expansion for the Lord of the Rings
Trading Card Game called “Rise of Saruman” will be in stores on 1st March 2007.
You can find more information as well as a preview of the game cards

The Children of Húrin

The Children of Húrin, edited by Christopher Tolkien, is due for release on 17th April. You can read more about the book and see the cover art by Alan Lee here.

Captured by elves

The Book Club, in our ongoing discussion of ‘The Hobbit” has now moved on to Chapter IX ‘Barrels out of Bond’ .In this chapter all of Bilbo’s companions become captured by the Woodelves of Mirkwood, and he once again has to prove his worth.

The January newsletter is out

Better late than never! The January Newsletter has been posted; hosted by the members of the Realm of Varda Elentári; and can be found, here.