Hi! My name is Fealome, but I like to go by Fea. I imagine that I’m something of a light-hearted idealist, bouncing along in a wild world. My friends sometimes accuse me of being “high on life.” I love asking questions, getting answers, reading epic stories, and experimenting with words (otherwise known as writing). Fat, lazy cats claim my eternal adoration. As Humor Admin, I spend lots of time laughing my head off in the Humor Section. I also review submissions to the Humor Section, post new caption contests, and get to read all the funny things people come up with before anybody else does! CoE already has one of the best Tolkien humor resources on the web, and it’s hard to think of anything that needs to change. I do want to add more organization to the section, open up some dusty corners, and let a few of the lesser-known features see some light. Over time, I hope to see more book parodies and comic submissions take renowned stands on the shelves and walls of this frightfully funny section. For those, however, I’ll just have to wait impatiently for all you fantastically creative CoEers out there!

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