Hello all! I’m fogriipus, or fog, from Finland, a small persistent dreamer, interested mainly in astronomy, nature, LotR, war history and sports. I’m friendly, although sometimes maybe a bit hard to approach, because I’m quiet and like to be alone. But I definitely don’t bite! I love reading, just contemplating and being at home, but fortunately I also feel like at home in a forest, so I get some fresh air occasionally.

As the Movies Admin my duties are in the Movies Section, so that is I take care of everything related to the movies, basically. That includes the Cast List, Film Articles, Film Scripts, and all Reviews, and I believe there’ll be even more subjects in the Movies Section in the future. I also moderate the Movies Forum. At the moment my biggest project is updating the Cast List, so if your favourite actor or crew member doesn’t have a bio yet – now you have a great opportunity to contribute to it! If you have any questions, suggestions or submissions regarding the Movies Section, just PM me!

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