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Quiz Answers (Realm Newsletter)

31- 40 points – Dolphin: you are a joyful person, always ready to have fun, an optimist. No challenge is too big for you, and life is one colorful carousel, with infinite possibilities. Just… don’t let us be around when that bubbling energy spins out of control.

21 – 30 points – Kraken: Mm, you’re baaaad, and we love you just the way you are, at least we know that we’re safe with you keeping guard. Alright, marginally safe…

11 – 20 points – Crab: Come out, come out of that shell, you coy mistress! Shyness becomes you, even if it borders on the morose, here and there. Can we cuddle you know or will you sulk?

1 -10 points – Mermaid: Oh the style, the grace, the glamour! Look at all these pretty colours! Congrats, you’re a high-spirited and flirty beauty!

Which of Ulmo’s Creatures are you? (Realm Newsletter)

Answer these questions to find out which of our lord’s cohort you’re most like. Don’t forget to add up those points: a-4; b-3; c-2; d-1. And don’t blame those scores on us, you hear?

1. The sun has risen, what do you say?
a. Morning! Swell! Friends to see, things to do…when do I start?
b. A new day! Hehehe! People to torture, ships to sink…excellent!
c. Morning? Drat!
d. A new day…I am just going to lie in the sun and maybe sing a little.

2. You see an elf on the beach, what do you feel?
a. A swimmer, a swimmer, and maybe I get to race him!
b. You would like to hold him tight, tighter, ever so tight…
c. Oh, great, not one of THEM again!
d. Aw, we can make beautiful music together!

3. Ulmo has just announced that he needs a messenger to deliver something to the elves. You:
a. Volunteer immediately. It sounds like fun!
b. Wonder if the message is precioussss.
c. Tell them not to count on you, you are not keen on Elves. Or Men… Dwarves…
d. You ask if you can bring one home.

4. The hobbits are in town.
a. You show them around, including the best spots to have breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, dinner…
b. You want them to come closer…closer…
c. I hope they are not having me for supper!
d. You feel this is your lucky day. They are so adorable!

5. While Ulmo is on holiday, Melkor decides to make an appearance. You:
a. Think: “Everybody likes me, I can make him laugh, if I have to”
b. Play the gracious (euh!) host and offer tea, cookies, a massage
c. Sigh: “This too shall pass.”
d. Challenge him to a singing contest, just to see if he really is that good.

6. Lady Uinen has just decided she wants to throw a big fancy dress party, and dress everyone up as Dwarves. You:
a. Oh, can I braid everyone’s beards with shells and ribbons? Can I, can I?
b. *twitch* If it comes complete with red meat off the bone…
c. Sure, make fun of the undersized, it’s not like we want to have stubby legs!
d. Oh no, those awful mails will ruin my figure!

7. You are entrusted with the One Ring for the Quest of Mount Doom. You think:
a. Sure, what’s the fastest way to get there? Can I get my friends to tag along too?
b. This looks so hot on me; where do I get seven more?
c. Hey, hey, is this an oblique way to say I’m fat? Round is a shape too, you know.
d. This is so not pretty, I’d rather have a coral one… or a sapphire… or…

8. A beauty tricks salesman drops by Ulmo’s palace. Your reaction:
a. Natural beauty, repeat after me: na-tu-ral!
b. Oh good, you can make my insides look dandy!
c. What are you driving at, that I’m ugly? *sob*
d. I heard that athelas body scrub is so fashionable! Could I get some elanor conditioner too?

9. You’re offered a job as Sauron’s Advisor.
a. I’m not gonna work for a giant flaming eyeball, you’re so not nice!
b. Mwahaha! It’s a deal! Can I rule the seas for you?
c. Great, dump all the greasy jobs on me! Have you heard of non-discriminating recruitment, ey?
d. Euh, what is… ‘advising’? Do I get to wear a cute floating dress?

10. Ulmo gets a visit from Jack Sparrow (yeah, very AU). You welcome him:
a. Jack, my man, high fin! How’s Pearlie?
b. Who did you call ‘beastie’, you… rum-marinated pirate scum?!
c. Hey, watch where you’re swinging that bottle, OK? Sheesh!
d. Mm… baby, how about a walk…err… swim in my private coral garden?

LinweSingollo (Realm Newsletter)

Hullo! My name is Linwe. My love affair with Tolkien began roughly thirty years ago in my teens, when I became completely entranced with the beauty and power of his writing, especially in Return of the King. Ever since, the landscape of my mind has been shaped and molded by this extraordinary book which I visited regularly year after year, while keeping it a quiet and private obsession. I have since gradually worked my way through The Hobbit, The Sil, The Unfinished Tales, and the complete set of HOME books and now read and collect as many books as I can pertaining to Tolkien’s works and own several editions of LotR. Among a ton of other LotR paraphernalia, I am also building a small army of Frodo figurines. lol.

I live in the U.S. in northern Minnesota in a small port city on the tip of Lake Superior. To keep a roof over my head and books on my shelves, I work as a postal employee for the USPS. I’m pretty hobbitic in spirit as far as enjoying simple pleasures and a simple life. Some of my interests include reading, poetry, drawing, writing, classical music, playing with my new digital camera, going for tramps in the woods, fooling on the computer, camping, canoeing, drinking coffee, collecting Frodo pics, and curling up for a good nap at every possible opportunity.

I am a Co-Moderator for the Movies & Casting Forums, a job I share with fogriipus (Movies) and Rosearielelven (Casting). I am also helplessly smitten (if you haven’t already guessed by now) with a certain dark-haired, blue-eyed hobbit and hope to spread the Frodo-love abroad to all who have yet to awaken to the quiet wisdom and beauty of this lovely hobbit.

Dolwen (Realm Newsletter)

I am Dolwen and I have been a member of CoE for a little over 2 years and like most here, I am Tolkien obsessed. My favorite places on CoE are my realm and the books forum and I am also addicted to Tolkien trivia. I am a member of the Realm of Vaire and the new CoE Store Admin. The store can be found under Gaming and Collectibles on the Main Menu (for those who didn’t know we had a store here.) or you can click here. There are many great LotR and Tolkien items that can be purchased through our store from our wonderful affiliates. The store is a great way to find the items a members may be looking for while helping CoE out at the same time. I hope to make it a successful part of CoE.

Ulmo’s Pet Corner (Realm Newsletter)

It is a known fact that Ulmonites are a warm, friendly, close-knit bunch who enjoy each other’s company, gathering daily in the forums to chat, play games, and work on projects together. However, as much as we enjoy human friendship, we reserve a special corner in our hearts for our pets. Those furry, four-legged creatures that entertain, amuse, comfort, and give us an endless supply of non-judgemental love, reducing us to behaving like babbling fools ready to whip out pictures at the flick of a whisker and talk endlessly about their latest cute antics. They’re our friends, pals, consorts, familiars, confidants, a shoulder to cry on. We look into their sweet, innocent faces and see nothing but adoration for their human companions.

Or have we looked deep enough? Perhaps it’s time to probe a little deeper; to take a closer look behind those beguiling eyes and sweet faces. Perhaps our four-legged friends have a secret private life of their own; a hidden agenda, if you will. It has often been noted that after living together for awhile, pets and their owners soon begin to look like one another and may reflect each other’s personality. The question is: Do they take on our personality or do we begin to resemble theirs? Either way, there’s no question that you’ll be charmed by their lovable quirks and individual charisma, so step into our pet gallery and judge for yourselves. (You’ll notice that a surprising number of them seem to be film & t.v. buffs…coincidence?)

name: MitziPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(female Siamese)
hobbies: flower arranging; food critic; astral projection
favorite quote: “I was worshipped in a previous life.”
fun fact: Mitzi loves to smell flowers & sleep among the flower pots.
belongs to: Uinen_Alcarin

name: Kit-nikPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
alias: “Snickerdoodle-Poochie-Cutie-Honey-Baby”
hobbies: Eating. Sleeping. Smelling the flowers. Did I mention eating?
favorite quote: “Being pampered is a legitimate lifestyle.”
fun fact: Kit-nik shuns water bowls and prefers gutter water.
belongs to: newsgirl

name: TonkaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(male pit-bull mix)
hobbies: watching television; collecting stuffed bunnies.
favorite quote: “I’m as cuddly as any kitten.”
fun fact: Tonka thinks he’s a cat and will curl up on LadyC’s daughter’s neck and snore in her ear.
belongs to: LadyCeleborn’s grand-dog

name: TobyPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(male champagne blonde Tabby – 9 yrs.)
hobbies: Domestic Administration; raquetball
favorite quote: “When I’m finished here, those squirrels are going down. I mean it.”
fun fact: Toby’s favorite ruling domain is Naurlas’ work desk.
belongs to: Naurlas

name: ChloePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(black female)
alias: “She-Devil”
hobbies: terrorizing small children; tarot readings.
favorite quote: “You say ‘cat-itude’ like it’s a bad thing.”
fun fact: Chloe’s very jealous of any attention that’s not directed at her.
belongs to: Naurlas

name: TessPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Grey & black Tabby)
hobbies: head-butting; homeland security; practicing southern hospitality.
favorite quote: “Ya’ll come down and see me some time, but first I’ll need to see three forms of identification, hon.”
fun fact: Tess is the household Watch-Cat. She will go to Naurlas and meow when someone somes into the yard.
belongs to: Naurlas

name: AbbyPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(1 yr.)
hobbies: playing with my “Binky”; setting fashion trends.
favorite quote: “I’m a rocket on four legs.”
fun fact: At night, Abby likes to sleep between Naurlas and Bob and even has her own pillow.
belongs to: Naurlas

name: ThorPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (German Shepard)
hobbies: patrolling the beach for vagrants
favorite quote: “Move it along, Mac. This is a private beach.”
fun fact: Thor loves to watch “The Dog Whisperer” show on t.v. He growls, grumbles, and barks at the misbehavior of the dogs on the show.
belongs to: BerethEdhellen

name: NedPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
alias: “Needy Ned”
hobbies: making trinket boxes out of seashells; collecting classic Beatles on vinyl; drooling.
favorite quote: “All you need is love.”
fun fact: Ned’s pal Thor is afraid of water, but Ned persuaded him to get in and try it.
belongs to: BerethEdhellen

name: NgilaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(female Grey & fawn Tabby)
alias: “Sweetums”; “Fuzzbutt”; “Precious”
hobbies: floor hockey; reading Whitman.
favorite quote: “I can turn grown humans to mush.”
fun fact: Ngila was found at an Animal Shelter and returned twice by previous owners before Linwe took her home.
belongs to: LinweSingollo

name: JojoPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(orange male)
hobbies: pole-sitting; dining on Whiskas Salmon while watching old Greta Garbo films.
favorite quote: “I want to be alone.”
fun fact: JoJo is definitely the Alpha male and never loses a fight.
belongs to: Nenya_Ring

name: BrutusPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(black male)
alias: “Casanova”; “Mackenzie”; “Mac”.
hobbies: philandering; street-fighting
favorite quote: “Wanna to see the bullet in my knee-cap?”
fun fact: Brutus actualy does have a bullet in his knee-cap.
belongs to: Nenya_Ring

name: BrutiaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (female) ~ pictured here with JoJo
alias: “Gypsy”; “Chipsy”
hobbies: sleeping on the VCR; film noir.
favorite quote: “I think Citizen Kane’s Sternbergian visual intricacy and complex, voiceover-driven narrative structure are echoed in dozens of classic film noirs, don’t you?”
fun fact: At a young age, Brutia suffered a head injury or a stroke that left her with a walking & movement-correlation disability.
belongs to: Nenya_Ring

name: NaePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hobbies: striking provocative poses; modeling.
favorite quote: “The centerfold spread I did for Cat Fancy Magazine is the highlight of my career.”
fun fact: Nae likes to climb up on the gate-post and wait for JoJo & Brutus to return from their philandering.
belongs to: Nenya_Ring

names: Bojangles & QPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
aliases: “Velvet” and “Bo”, respectively
hobbies: Improving our hobbity girth in preparation for auditioning for leading roles in the upcoming “Hobbit” movie.
favorite quote: “We’re way cuter than Bill the Pony.”
fun fact: Q and Bo are miniature horses ~ only 30 inches high at the withers (shoulders), but they can pull a cart with up to 700 lbs. of weight.
belongs to: Gwaihir Goldenfeather

name: IdaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
alias: “Bun-Honey, Hömpsö, Tötterö, Tino Taneli Tanttu, Musgusse, Gullvowe (Cutiedoggie)”.
hobbies: collecting nicknames; boating; studying parallels between the Finnish language and Quenya.
favorite quote: “Urqui túlar! Á nurta!” (Orcs are coming! Hide!)
fun fact: Ida is a Finnish Hunting dog with a mix of Norwegian…something. She’s deathly afraid of fireworks & thunder, swimming & being washed, but loves being in a boat.
belongs to: ~figwit~

name: LapsusPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
alias: “Sack With Legs”; “What-Are-You-Doing-Here-Silly?”
hobbies: seeing how much trouble I can get into in one day.
favorite quote: “I’m always in demand for Halloween parties.”
fun fact: Lapsus loves to play with elastic scrunchies by holding them with her paws and teeth and then firing them off.
belongs to: Olero

name: ToffeePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hobbies: Going on archeological digs; watching the Indiana Jones films over and over.
favorite quote: “I know I buried that bone around here somewhere…”
fun fact: Toffee doesn’t like people to speak anything but Spanish.
belongs to: lhaewiel’s siblings.

Lord of the Rings Online Launch Events

Representatives from Turbine, developer of The Lord of the Rings Online, will be available for interviews and autographs at select locations across the country at midnight celebrations on April 23rd. Click Read More to find out more.

Ulmo’s Newbie Corner (Realm Newsletter)

Many months ago, when Ulmo was in charge of a previous Realm Newsletter, I was a newbie–freshly arrived in Ulmo’s vast waters. Being the enthusiastic person I am, I quickly dove in and joined all of the games and activities going on. I loved being part of a community of such devoted fans and lovely people! Then I got a private message from one of our members asking me if I would be willing to write a short article for the Newbie Corner of Ulmo’s newsletter. I was thrilled by such a request, and even more excited when I got to see my little article in the newsletter. Now, after being a part of Ulmo for several months, I knew exactly what section of the newsletter I wanted to help with when it was our realm’s turn again. I contacted three lovely new members who had just recently joined our waters, and asked them to write a little about their experiences in our community. Here is what they had to say:

Written by Cirdaneth
I came to CoE last September and thought long and hard before joining a realm. Would I be a weaver, a dreamer, a singer or maybe join the Vala closest to my Elven name? Ulmo. I had chosen the name Cirdaneth because I felt close to the Cirdan character. My late husband had begun his working life as a shipwright, and yet I thought of him more as Calar, a lamp, because he had shone light into the dark places of my family history, where all other lights had gone out. I was working my way through HoME and the more I learned about Cirdan the more comforting I found him. I wondered why. The recently, in vivid dream I found myself his widowed daughter, and he suggested I join the Realm of Ulmo.

How could I have missed Ulmo’s crucial role for so long? He is cool. He doesn’t seem to need jeweled mountains, tame eagles or a fan-club. He just whooshes up out of the water and tells it like it is. The elements of earth, air and fire have their essential functions but they are sterile without feeling … and that’s the element of water … feeling, memory, intuition, imagination. That’s what Ulmo wields so powerfully.

So here I am. I’ve been made very welcome, and I’m enjoying myself no end. I’m getting to know the other realmers and the games section is helping me lighten up. I’m looking forward to the next poetry competition and am wondering whether to upgrade my camera. Looks like I’ve made the right decision. I hope you’ll think so too. Thank you all.

Written by Pharazgaladh
In February, Gwai asked me to write something for the newbie corner of April’s newsletter. Well, I’m not totally new in this realm, I’ve been here for a few months, but Gwai thought I was new enough. =P
When I discovered the COE Realms the first time, I was kinda like: what the hell is this? But when I read what the realms were all about, I thought: fun!
I hadn’t any problem choosing my realm, I’m a huge Nightwish fan and Tuomas-lover, and I love the sea as much as him, so I choose the realm of Ulmo. The description attracted me also.
In the beginning you could find me in the game-threads like “the poster above me”, or “the next poster…”. I didn’t have much self-confidence, and by telling something nice about people and people telling something nice about me, I got some kind of ego-boost. I had friends!
I’m not that much online anymore, but I love looking around at COE, the realm of Ulmo, the contests are great too (love voting! maybe I’ll send a submission some time or so…).
The Realm of Ulmo feels like home. I love it here. =)

Written by Lhaewiel
When I came back to the CoE (I had already joined a few years ago) the first thing I decided to do was to look for a realm. I took the quiz twice and both times Ulmo showed among the first, so I went for it. And I am so glad I did! Everyone was warm and welcoming. It was also amazing to find everyone so supportive and encouraging; it makes you want to try doing some new things! There is always someone eager to help you out with some doubts on how everything works or simply to lift your spirits! I also found out that no matter which part of the world you are from, you’ll find here realm mates with common interests (other than Tolkien of course!!).
There are great games (I must confess I became an addict) of all type, and the people here come up with new ideas that add more to the fun!!

Mod of the Month: Potbelly Hairyfoot (Realm Newsletter)

PB, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but how did you find your path to CoE?

Way back in December 2001, I was off work with a ruptured Quadriceps tendon and as a remedy to the boredom of sitting home, unable to do much, I became a charter member of the, Decipher run, LOTR fan club and was unhappy with the way the forums worked there so I started searching for better sites. I visited CoE a few times, watching how the site was run, and finally joined in July 2002.

As a hobbit, how did you come by your name and why?

When I first started using a pseudonym on sites it was a nickname I had while I was growing up. (The name was Chugly or Chugs – and yes, I can chug along with the best of them although I no longer have more than a Guinness or two at any sitting). When I joined LOTR sites I looked for names that sounded more ‘Hobbity’ and as I weighed about 300 pounds then I settled on Potbelly. I then added Hairyfoot as a suitable Hobbit surname

It takes most halflings a year to go through a full rack of bacon. How many racks have you eaten since the first day you arrived here in CoE’s Middle-earth?
This is a tough one as I don’t know how much bacon is in a rack. I’m on a lowcarb diet, and I eat 3 rashers of stripy bacon ( with some occasional slices of peamealed Canadian bacon substituted ) about 4 or 5 times per week. I would guess that I’ve eaten about 235 pounds of bacon since I joined this site

You’ve had many tasks during your time here. What has carried you through those tasks? Have you found enough pipeweed, ale and friendship to help you through those trying days and moments?

Friendship with many of the staff and members has definitely helped me stay on track with my duties here. That and my love of Tolkien’s works.

What have you found to be your greatest reward from your time in CoE?

Without a doubt my greatest reward has been the friends I’ve made, many of whom I’ve not yet met.

What would a hobbit such as yourself advise newcomers to this patch of Arda? How would you guide them?

I’d ask them what their interests were, recommend some forums and some of our other sections relevant to their interests, and then I’d send them to the Newbie forum, where they will gain all the info they need from Gondolinian and the many regulars eager to help our newbies feel at home

We know hobbits live gentle lives. What have you found the easiest and most pleasant part of your stay here in CoE?

I’d have to say that moderating the ‘Discuss the Books’ forum has been the easiest task, as there is little strife there and I’ve learned a great deal from the members that have posted in that forum over the years.

There is a rumor that you have quite a collection of LOTR stuff. Would you like to describe your collection to our members.

I’ve turned my computer room into a LOTR shrine over the past 5 years. I started with the 8 lithos offered to Fan Club members, and a poster I’ve had for years. I’ve added Burger King FOTR Figures and Goblets, many books, Maps, Swords, Games, CDs, DVDs, Pewter Figures, Collector Cards, Stamps, Coins, Nesting eggs, limited edition prints, etc. and I recently purchased 68 unopened ToyBiz figures that I am in the process of hanging, still in their packaging, circling the room just below the ceiling . Many of the items I own can be seen by searching my photobucket and there is a link to that in my sig at the bottom of any of my CoE forum posts.

You have traveled through Arda and met many of our members. Who all have you met and can you describe those meetings?

I’ve met a lot of fans over the years, especially at two events I attended in Toronto ( the TTT exhibit in November 2002 and the Gathering of the Fellowship last summer) but, sadly, only a few of the attendees were CoE members. There are only a few CoE members that have traveled especially to meet me, or that I have traveled to meet. The first was Happy Hobbit, a former moderator here and the person who first suggested me as possible staff member. When she came to visit we also drove to Lansing and met Elvenqueen and ElvishPrincess. Last summer I went to England to visit happy Hobbit and her son, Rednic. One of the highlights of the trip was driving to Manchester to have lunch with Morwenna and Rosiearielven.

I still owe BerethEdhellen a coffee, from a bet, so I am going to have to drive to Cape Hatteras one day to take her out for one. I’m still hoping to meet with more of the friends I’v made here over the years, but that will have to be sometime in the future.

If you could change anything about CoE, what would it be?

It is really hard to find ways to improve CoE as we’ve been steadily improving ever since day One and we are likely the best all-round Tolkien resource on the Internet. The only area that I can think of that really needs fixing up is our Store. I’d love to see it overhauled by a crew and made a bit more flashy and relevant to the point where it brings in enough funds to cover a large portion of our monthly costs.

Member of the Month: Lossendiliel (Realm Newsletter)

1. How did you find your way to CoE and what were the circumstances surrounding your introduction to the world of Tolkien?
I actually don’t remember how I discovered CoE… My guess is through one of the other websites I am member of, where I have met other fans of Tolkien.

I was introduced to Tolkien through my mother. She had read Lord of the Rings in her youth, and is still very fond of the books. When I was about 11 years old she asked me for the first time if I would like to read them, but it was not until two years later, during the summer of 2001, that she had me convinced that I might be interested in his stories. I remember my family and I went to Bretagne that summer, and visited many World War I and II related places in Normandy too, and in the surroundings which affected Tolkien so much I read all three books and was breath taken by his story.

2. What is your favorite out of all of his works?
That is a very tough question… In the end, it must be Silmarillion. Even though I adore the story of Lord of the Rings very much, his whole Myth of Creation is an amazing thing to read, and all of the stories of different characters, leading up to Lord of the Rings.

3. How did you decide on your username? It’s lovely.
I tried a name database on another site, where it would translate your name into Elvish. It is not really my name in elvish, but Lossendiliel was the result I got, and I liked it, because it describes my personality. It means ‘Devoted daughter of snow’, and I’m a Winter person, and very devoted to my surroundings.:)

4. You are a member of the Realm of Yavanna, in three words describe your Realm for us.
Small, friendly, chocoholic.:P

5. Included in your member information you list your interests as ‘Reading’ and ‘Studying Languages’. Did the second arise because of your love for the first? And what languages interest you the most?
Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe it did… But I believe it has more to do with the fact that my mom and dad are from two different countries, so I have been raised with two different languages at home. And later in school I discovered the worlds learning a new language opens, and the history you can track through the development of one. How many words relate to each other.
I would have to say ancient languages in general. Right now I am studying Ancient Greek in High School, and I would like to study Celtic languages after I graduate. I love to explore how words have developed, and how so many different languages are connected with each other.

6. Besides Tolkien, what other authors/genres do you spend time exploring?
I have recently discovered Jane Austen’s books, and beside that, I find Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books very fascinating and amusing. Swedish author Maria Gripe has written some very good ones too. In general I like Fantasy books, and books over historical persons; queens and other important persons and periods in time.

7. You’ve successfully run the Poetry contests for some time now ( Thank you very much!) Do you write Poetry yourself?
It is my pleasure to run it, and may I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated and helped making it as successful as it is!:)
Not much, I would have to admit. I enjoy reading it, and occasionally I write a poem. Mostly I use it as a way to get my emotions out, a kind of therapy you may call it.

8. Who is your favorite Poet? Style?
I do not have a favorite poet as such… I enjoy reading many different poets and styles, but for the latter I enjoy Elizabethan poems, or poems from the 18th and 19th century. Dramatic monologue is another style I enjoy very much.

9. Who is your favorite Tolkien character? Race? Place?
Eowyn. Mainly because I can identify myself with her in many ways and levels. Her struggle to be loved for who she really is, what she goes through and how she ends up falling in love with another person much like herself.
Race and place I cannot say. They all have their pro and cons, and if I would have to settle in Middle Earth, I would end up as a wanderer between all places and races.:)

10. Who is your least?
I don’t really have a least favorite character.Turin Turambar maybe, but then again, he is very fascinating and so is his story.

11. Lastly, what is the one thing about you that would surprise us to know?
I know 7 different languages, although I don’t speak them all fluently. And English is only my 3rd languages (after my two mother tongues).:)

So, here you go, I hope they prove useful, and it is not too full of linguistic mistakes. And I am really looking forward to reading your Newsletter!:)


Life in Ulmo’s Waters (Realm Newsletter)

Life in the waters
We water lovers have a tendency to be a hardworking, creative and crazy bunch of people, and spring has brought no change to that. If possible, it has made us even more active and it seems crazier as well (who says that’s a bad thing??).

This spring has also marked a new and really special ceremony in the realm. After having such a success with our annual Christmas card exchange, we decided to create a celebrations corner where every realmer could take part of our own, special celebrations. The first day of celebration was Elf Day, to which we set the date March 25th. We had a whole bunch of people participating, and we spent March receiving beautiful cards from across the world. The Elf Day wishes weren’t bound to regular mail, mind. All those who didn’t have that much time could send out eCards from CoE’s multimedia sections instead. Elf Day was a huge success; there were laughter and deep emotion involved when receiving the cards, and it made us once again feel like a real group of friends, instead of Internet acquaintances. And to make things even merrier, we still have three celebrations left this year! Ulmo’s Midsummer Day, Hobbit Day and Christmas will surely be as great as Elf Day, if not better.

Another activity that has been greeted with high enthusiasm in the realm was Ulmo’s Graphic Contest, where the realmers were put to the test creating seasonal avatars with the theme “Winter in Arda”. A huge number of beautiful avatars were submitted and the contest was so successful that a new round concentrating on spring has started, but this time with the focus on banners.

Apart from the celebrations and contests, we’ve been having fun with all the usual activities like games. “I never”, “Get to know your realmers”, “The person above me” and “The prediction game” are some of the games that have been most popular. But a new game that has received a lot of laughter to its part was introduced to us as well. “The one word game” is a game where you simply describe the person above you with one word. But words like not-so-very-fond-of-Bory (I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be but…) counts as one word too, more or less..

Several new members have been greeted with joy this spring, and they’ve all brought a bit of that ‘extra something’ that makes this realm such a great group to be a part of. The variety of our members’ nationalities, personalities and talents gives us balance and delight. It is always a new experience to pop your head in the realm, you’ll never now what to expect from the crazy bunch of people that spends its time in here!