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Lord of the Rings: The White Council on hold, new title coming 2008

The new video game from EA and Project Gray Company was put on hold earlier in the year. While the status for this game remains the same EA has announced an “all new title” will be coming out early 2008. The full story can be found here.

Happy birthday Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee was born in London, UK on 27th May 1922 and today is his 85th birthday. In the CoE gallery there are pictures of Christopher here and of Christopher in the role of Saruman here.

Happy birthday Christopher!

Happy birthday Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen was born on 25th May 1939 in Burnley, UK and today is his 68th birthday. You can read about Ian in the cast list. In the CoE gallery there are pictures of Ian here and pictures of Ian in the role of Gandalf here.

Happy birthday Ian!

Book Club-The Hobbit- The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.

The Men and Elves have the mountain surrounded and under siege. Thorin will not give in and Dain is approaching with many battle-hardened Dwarves intent to join him.War between the two groups seems inevitable, but the unexpected occurs.

The CoE Book Club, beginning today moves on, in our discussion of The Hobbit, to Chapter XVII, The Clouds Burst.

Cross Realm poetry contest number 5

The 5th Cross Realm poetry contest has now been opened. There are more details about the contest here.

Entries are due June 11th, and only Realm members may participate.

The best 25 movie sequels of all time

Moviefone has released its list of the top best 25 movie sequels which includes The Two Towers and The Return of The King. Check out the list here to see where they rank.

Lord of the Rings – stage version

The stage version of the Lord of the Rings is due to open in London on 19th June. Guardian reporter Tanya Gold spent some time with the cast and crew and you can read her article here.

Happy Birthday Cate Blanchett

May 14th is Cate Blanchett’s birthday. She was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1969 and is 38 years old today. You can read Cate’s CoE bio here. There are pictures of Cate here and of Cate in the role of Galadriel here.

Many happy returns Cate.

The most influential visual effects films of all time

The results of the Visual Effects Society 50: the 50 most influential visual effects films of all time, has been announced. Heading the list was Star Wars with Fellowship of the Ring at 19, Return of the King at 33 and The Two Towers at 36. You can read the full list here.

Tolkien Weekend 2007

Tolkien Weekend 2007 will be held on 19th and 20th May at Sarehole Mill, Birmingham, UK. The theme of the weekend is Hobbiton. Events will include, excerpts from Farmer Giles of Ham performed by Shire Productions, guided walks, a Tolkien treasure trail and a costume competition. There is further information at the event website here.