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Cross Realm poetry contest no. 6

The 6th Cross Realm poetry contest is now open for entries. Go here to learn more and submit your entries. Entries are to be posted by August 26th, where the voting will begin.

NB – Only Realm members are allowed to enter a poem.

CoE T-shirt contest deadline

Reminder: The deadline for the t-shirt contest is fast approaching. Please have you submissions sent in by Friday July 20th. For further information on the contest, the rules and where to send the submissions click here. Good luck to all participants.

Rings film inspires travel

30,000 holiday makers in Britain have voted the Fellowship of the Ring as the film most likely to inspire them to take a holiday. You can read the full story here.

Gandalf beats Dumbledore

In a recent poll carried out by advertising company Pearl and Dean, Gandalf was voted in as the top wizard beating Dumbledore into second place. You can read the full story here.

Book Club: The Children of Húrin

The CoE Book Club will begin to discuss The Children of Húrin on July 30th. In preparation for that date , we will familiarize ourselves with the world at the time of the story, starting this week, with a discussion of the Introduction to the book. Feel free to grab a copy of the book and join us in the discussion at any time!

CoE Store Item of the Month

For the month of July the CoE store will be featuring the Battle Axe of Gimli. This axe is made by United Cutlery and is a licensed Lord of the Rings replica. This piece is currently on sale through our affiliate and at half the original selling price you won’t want to miss out on this one. Stop by our CoE Store to see this beautiful piece and the many, many other items we have to offer.

Happy birthday Liv Tyler

Today, July 1st, is Liv Tyler’s birthday. She was born in New York on 1st July 1977 and is 30 today. You can take a look at her cast bio here. You can view pictures of Liv here and pictures of Liv in the role of Arwen here.

Happy Birthday, Liv.